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    Chapter One Piece 574 Discussion / 575 Prediction

    Its ironic how at the end they said his name was actually Gol D Ace, so maybe Portgas D Ace is dead but Gol D Ace is not..haha i doubt it happens but it is a possibility.
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    Chapter One Piece Volume 56 (ch542-551) Discussion

    Re: One Piece 545 Spoiler Discussion Thread Another possibility is that Dragon shows up and beat Magellan, and then saves everyone!
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    Discussion Ultimate fights you wanna see

    Minato vs Pain Naruto vs Sasuke (Hermit Mode vs MS)
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    Discussion Ranking of Captains

    I think the pendulum arch really tells us who is the strongest. Yama, Shunsui, Ukitake, Unohana, and (shinji and other vizards) these captains are promoted to captains long before Aizen, therefore they are more experienced and should be just as strong. Also I believe that the Vizard are the...
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    Naruto Volume 46 (Ch. 423-432) Discussion

    Re: Naruto 425 Discussion / 426 Predictions One thing to remember is that when Naruto was Konohamaru's age, he was already pretty strong. And we do not want to underestimate Konohamaru because he do have the 3rd Hokage's dna!! He is just about the same age as Naruto when the anime...
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    Naruto Volume 46 (Ch. 423-432) Discussion

    Re: Naruto 424 Discussion / 425 Predictions I just hope that Kakashi doesn't die! Do you guys remembered how the end of ch.423 it gives us the name of the next chapter "A Hero Dies" ?? It was referring to Choji's dad, so dying wish on the next chapter could be related to what Choji's...
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    Naruto Volume 46 (Ch. 423-432) Discussion

    Re: Naruto 423 Spoiler Discussion My guess for how kakashi got his MS is... Madara took over Obito(tobi) body and the right eye and achieved MS, therefore Obito's other eye(one that is with Kakashi) is somehow linked with Madara eye and he ended up getting MS as well. it would be wried...
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    Chapter Bleach -100 Discussion

    Re: Bleach -100 Discussion / -99 Predictions What confuse me you think Aizen is stronger than those captain at the time already? If Aizen knows that vizard transformation will increace one's strength why did he do it for other and not only keep it to himself? Unless, he was unsure...
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    Chapter Bleach -107 Discussions

    Re: Bleach -107 Discussions/-106 Predictions I think that the vizards are the strongest of all. I mean, Shinji was Aizen's captain, and consider that Shinji was already stronger than Aizen at the time, he now also has the vizard mask power. Shinji and other Vizards definately achieved...
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    Chapter 379 Discussion [Naruto]

    Tajuu Kage Bushin would be useless against pain.. 1 and ONlY reason) Pain eyes is more advance than the Sharingan and Byukugan, while those two can see right through to the real the rest u should know... ofcourse pain's eye can see right through and jiraiya knows that...
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    Chapter 376 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: Naruto 376 Predictions [Naruto] I dont know, the manga said that Pein beaten Amegakure(Hanzo) by himself!!!! While Jiraiya, Orochimaru, and Tsunande coudn't beat them together!
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    Chapter 373 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 373 Predictions [Naruto] I doubt that pain is a jinchuriki He ordered all the akatsuki members to go after a jinchuriki, so it is unlikely for him to be one He most likely have an eye bloodline limit similar to sasuke, but mabe for the rain village. so pretty much the uchiha for the...
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    Chapter 368 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 368 Predictions [Naruto] The BlueHair girl in the Akutsuki is definately not Naruto's mother because she have blue hair... In chapter 367 pg 12 Jiraiya definately stated that Uzumaki Kushina have "RED" hair And I dont think Pein/Pain is Naruto's mother also, because I believe and...
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    Chapter Bleach 289 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 289 Predictions I totally agree with you...since Nell is an arrancar who wasn't awaken by Hougyoku, she could be one of the "Vastro Lorde"!!!!!!!! Vastro Lorde is considered when a hollow gain a human form on their own...and Nell have a human form with out the help of...
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    Chapter Bleach 288 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 288 Predictions I think Noitara is just like Ichigo's fight against Kenpachi... Noitara also have 1 of his eyes closed (similar) to Kenpachi.. Kenpachi is probably rank around number 5 in Soul Society... I was also wandering what is that huge disc shape "thing" behind's...