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    Chapter Toriko Chapter 154 Discussion

    Re: Toriko Chapter 154 Discussion/155 Predictions I guess readers like the mellow Coca when the rest of the cast are generally whacky characters + Komatsu. And yeah, felt like the author has been trying too hard lately to push Komatsu's importance. We got it already, he'll be the best chef. At...
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    Chapter Fairy Tail Vol. 29 (Chap. 240-248) Discussions

    Re: Fairy Tail 244 Discussion/ 245 Predictions I like Hades as a villain, and though most of you are "omg Laxus have my babies", it wasn't more epic than anything else in this arc. Laxus shouldn't be able to defeat Hades on his own, and the rest look a little out for the count. I believe Laxus...
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    Chapter One Piece 632 Discussion

    Re: One Piece 632 Discussion / 633 Predicition Yeaaah, been saying since Hodi was introduced that he was the big bad villain, yet people were searching for someone else because "Omg Luffy will 1 shot him" and then some people trying to make out he's a possible future strawhat member =/ Very...
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    Discussion Anyone missing Hancock? I do. A lot

    Hey I miss Iva's enormous face, but I didn't make a thread about it =P Lots more interesting characters than Hancock imo. Looking forward to seeing Doflamingo, Smoker, Akainu, Blackbeard, Shanks, Iva, Coby, Garp, Gorousei, Vivi and Hancock's legs more than Hancock. Man, Hancock's legs are such...
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    Chapter Bleach 455 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 455 Discussion / 456 Predictions Hahahaha, perfect! Back onto those defending Ichigo's lack of calm mind: yeah that's fine, I understand why we're clutching onto Ichigo showing any emotion whatsoever after all the bland-face battles Aizen's attack gave us, but it's an emotion...
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    Who's Your Favorite Female Character?

    Her thighs? Her eyes? Her two sisters? If we're talking cup size though, every One Piece female has the same cup size, some just flaunt it better. Oh wait, Kokoro and Dadan probably have larger cup sizes, oh and Shirosashi obviously.
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    Chapter Bleach 455 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 455 Discussion / 456 Predictions Yeaaaaah, I haven't posted a negative in the Bleach forum for some time, because chapters were just generally "meh", but suddenly I see Ichigo all like "Yeah let's commit murder because that's the obvious outcome when you're friends ask you to...
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    Chapter One Piece 631 Discussion

    Re: One Piece 631 Discussion / 632 Prediction You know, I always thought it would be Hodi who would burst the bubbles, but now VDD does seem a little likely. And yeah...Madam Shirley hasn't appeared in any pages since her prophecy. How curious you could say, I know people were like "omg she...
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    Discussion Rate One Piece by arcs and sagas

    I think my standards are too high =P EAST BLUE: 5/10 Captain Morgan 2/10 Buggy the Clown 2/10 Captain Kuro 4/10 Baratie 4/10 Arlong 9/10 Loguetown 6/10 East Blue was the setup, but honestly the start bored me a little. It wasn't until the Arlong arc that I thought "Oh, this is...
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    Discussion List of Conqueror haki users

    Yeah I think Blackbeard will have Conqueror haki too, especially if he's meant to be Luffy's Romance-type-Pirate-polar-opposite. I think I have to agree with Mihawk sentiments, I don't think gathering people around is necessarily a Conqueror's trait: as it is Rayleigh was only a second in...
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    Discussion The Sabo Factor

    Re: sabo is alive !! Who could all the wounds have come from? How about the many people Dragon picked up from a burning wasteland? I can extrapolate more evidence than there is around Sabo that the wounded are indeed the...
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    Chapter Mahou Sensei Negima 330 Discussion / 331 Predictions

    Re: Mahou Sensei Negima 330 Spoiler Thread Haha, when Eva appeared a massive grin just appeared on my face. Have we ever seen Eva's full potential in the manga? I'm looking forward to it =D
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    Chapter One Piece 630 Discussion

    Re: One Piece 630 Discussion / 631 Prediction Surprised people didn't enjoy this chapter, it seemed interesting to me? Perhaps people like villains without personalities? In which case what are you guys even reading this for? There are often chapters which have little to no Strawhat action...
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    Discussion Most Emotional Moments in One Piece?

    One of my favourites was where I think the manga really made a turn for a more emotional story: Where Nami, after losing 10 years of hard work to Arlong's paid off marines, tries to convince her town not to enter the battle. Following her helplessness, she furiously stabs her own arm to remove...
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    Chapter Fairy Tail Vol. 29 (Chap. 240-248) Discussions

    Re: Fairy Tail 240 Spoiler Thread LoS, I thought you were one of those Fairy Tail supporters who just enjoyed it for what it was? At the end of the day, Fairy Tail is not as good as One Piece, has plenty of plot holes, repeats themes, wouldn't know a real villain if it hit it in the face and...