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  1. Chapter Bleach 404 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 404 Discussion/405 Predictions I think Aizen looks much better all cracked. I hope those cracks glow blue when it's in colour. I don't like the design of his face still. But anything is better than that big pink love pumpkin. Ichigo's bankai is supposed to be about speed, though...
  2. FMA Volume 26 Discussion (Chapters 104-106)

    Re: Chapter 106 Discussion/107 Predictions A lot of people have been saying Riza will use Roy like a gun but I figure it will be the other way round. He will use the alchemy and she will aim(or something to that extent). I'm curious as to what will happen with Ed because without his arm I...
  3. FMA Volume 26 Discussion (Chapters 104-106)

    Re: Chapter 105 Discussion/106 Predictions I personally got the feeling that Ran Fan got the stone so they could set up a Ling, Greed confrontation or for Greed to switch back to Father(The opposition is severely lacking in numbers at the moment.) That way when Greed goes with the rest of...
  4. Chapter Naruto 468 Discussion/469 Predictions - Part 1

    I can see it cutting ahead a couple of years again soon after some of this stuff is done with. And Naruto Being older again and a hero of the wars. Or maybe not. He seems like he's developing other story lines at the moment so who knows. I'm looking forward to Naruto and Sakura's meeting...
  5. FMA Spoiler Thread

    I'm pretty sure that wrath said that they can use Mustang to open the gate. At least thats what he told father when father asked him why he kept Mustang alive after killing Lust.
  6. FMA Spoiler Thread

    Looks like they've trapped everyone in the gate so they can make Mustang open it. For some reason.
  7. FMA Spoiler Thread

    I feel your pain. It will probably end with Ed and the others walking to to see it.
  8. Links for TRC RAWs and Edited Mangas Thread

    Re: Where to read Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Online I clicked on the link for the forms page posted by captain tylor where you can read tsubasa and it showed all the chapters. But I have been on there since and it only shows upto chapter 49 and I am a member now. Just wondered if the...