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  1. Bleach Illustrations - All Colour But The Black

    Thanks for the badass scan but... What? What page is that on? The only way that could be proven is if you have a page of Ichigo as a baby with black hair or something. Ichigo is shown in the flashbacks about his mom with orange hair. So if he was like 6 back there I find it hard to believe he...
  2. Breaking Zanpakutoh

    TTX is right, Kenpachi's soul slayer is not in Shikai, it's just it's natural form. I think it's as simple as it takes time for your soul slayer to gather reiatsu from it's surrondings and mend itself. It's not just a sword, it's a living being created by the shini-gami's reiatsu so it would...
  3. Favorites Who's the most attractive Bleach character to you?

    Yoruichi hands down is the most attractive character in bleach (imo of course!) Hitsugaya looks cool too, I can't really say I'm attracted to him though of course, since I'm a male myself.
  4. Stylish Ichigo.

    tyvm, lol I guess
  5. Roxas from Kingdom Heart

    One word... BadAss :D
  6. Stylish Ichigo.

    Cool pic of Ichi-chan I drew last night. Comments are welcomed.
  7. Request: Misc Can someone clean it?

    lol my scanner only goes up to 300 dpi, piece of crap man.
  8. Request: Misc Can someone clean it?

    Re: Can someone make it HQ? bahaha good luck, if you don't tell people the reason for cleaning it or why you want it done I doubt they'll help you. Also, the title of this thread should be changed. This scan is DEFINETLY high quality. Cleaning it to straight up black and white would take a...
  9. Illustration Bender

    nice lol, Bender is my fav futurama character. Down with all teh humans :@
  10. A level after Ban Kai

    Now, I don't think there is any way the swords will gain another power up. And there is no word of a third lvl of soul slayers. If there was you'd think IT would be neccessary to become a captain. I am not completely shooting this idea down but just saying it depeneds on how long the manga...
  11. Bleach FAQs and Simple Q&A's

    Re: Ichigo half Quincy?? I've seen this theory a few times, and I don't think Ichigo is Quincy neither. If so, Kubo really has stupidly overpowered Ichigo. If he was, his spirit threads wouldn't have been red, but like red and blue or some shit lol. Pure Shinigami is my guess.
  12. Favorites Who's your favorite Bleach character?

    1. Hitsugaya Toushirou ((if he became a vaizard, omg)) 2.Kurosaki Ichigo 3.Kuchiki Byakuya 4.Ichimaru Gin 5.Grimmajaw Jyagajaq ((if he was to ever fight Kenpachi that shit would be badass))
  13. Seinen Vagabond by Inoue Takehiko

    Re: 223 Discussion [Vagabond] Yeah next week is going to be really awesome, I think Musashi is down for some serious buisness and plans to take all their lives. Can't wait to see him own them... I miss Kojiro :(
  14. Ho Ho Ho!~

    Good stuff bro, I like the Batman the most though. You just motivated me to draw a Christmas Gouki (from Street Fighter) lol. I think I'll do it tonight and put it up tommorow.
  15. Discussion Which Konoha Shinobi have the ability to become Hokage?

    Re: What ninja(besides Naruto) do u think has the ability to become HOKAGE!?!?! Kakashi and Neji get my votes, well Yamato too. I mean he does have the First's cells. (I voted Neji since he's my fav char lol!) Shikamaru might also be decent...