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  1. Chapter Gantz 251 Discussion/252 Prediction Thread

    you can find raw here
  2. Discussion Any manga that you realistically fear you won't see the end of?

    Berserk - slow releases Bastard - really slow releases Detective Conan - it can go on in infinity Hajime no Ippo - 80 vol and Ippo still fighting only with boxers on Asia level(when he will be fighting with people on world level ?)
  3. Favorites Do you like Sport Mangas? If so, which are your favourites?

    My fave sport manga : Hajime no Ippo (boxing) - is definitely my number 1 sport manga.It has great fights,its funny and have many great characters(Takamura rules).It is very long about 80 vol and is still going but it does not get boring Slam Dunk (basketball) - funniest manga ever,good...
  4. Discussion Your manga collection (with pictures!)

    Re: How much manga have you bought? My collection Polish: Fullmetal Alchemist 1-5 Naruto 1-20 GTO 1-16 Blade of the Immortal 1-12 Dragon Ball 1-42 (complete) Vagabond 1 English: Berserk 1-15
  5. Favorites YOUR TOP 20 MANGAS!

    My top 20 1)One Piece 2)Berserk 3)20th Century Boys 4)Fullmetal Alchemist 5)Blade of the Immortal 6)GTO 7)Hajime no Ippo 8)Slam Dunk 9)Claymore 10)Detective Conan 11)Gantz 12)Eyeshield 21 13)Naruto 14)Change Guy 15)Shin Angyo Onshi 16)Beck 17)Prince of Tennis 18)Bleach...