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    Spoiler Bleach Old Spoiler Archive

    Re: Bleach 330 Spoiler Pics and Summaries from mona via mori over at bleachasylum. 乱「それが灰猫の能力よ 刀身を灰と化し その灰の降りかかった場所を柄の一振りで切り刻む あんたたちの周りにあるその灰すべてが あたしの剣だと思ってくれていいわ」 そいふぉん「ばくどうの三十 嘴突三閃 …終わりだアランカル 名を聞く暇もなかったな 尽敵螫殺 雀蜂」 今度は乱菊の誕生日に青いバ ラが!!すげえ…。皆あんまり ムリしないようねに~(帯人) アパッチが腕を斬られたくらいかな
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    Spoiler Bleach Old Spoiler Archive

    Re: Bleach 329 Spoiler Pics and Summaries courtesy of spacecat JOJO Edited Manga.
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    Spoiler One Piece Old Spoiler Archive

    Re: One Piece 515 Spoiler Pics and Summaries an early one from Brankie via Kiavik over at AP. a question to Brankie Brankie answered
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    Feedback The new Shoutbox Format!

    Much easier to overlook. Nice going!
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    Chapter Bleach 287 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 287 Predictions There's no chapter this week, right? I'm sorry if this has been posted somewhere else, but I'm really lazy.
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    Info Bleach Volume Cover Thread - [Newest: Vol 58]

    Re: Bleach Volume Cover Thread - 27 Cover [Newest] Volume 28
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    Bleach Episode 120 Discussion

    Episode 120 Screencaps I hope I'm not upsetting anybody by posting this here. Big thanks to TBH. Screens:
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    Chapter 268 Discussion [Bleach]

    Re: 268 Predictions [Bleach] This is what will most likely happen. We've seen it before so I hope Kubo will come up with something a bit more original.
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    Bleach Fillers are Ending in Spring 2007

    Those screen caps are from the preview of next weeks episode.
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    Bleach Fillers are Ending in Spring 2007

    Okay, a mod will have to move it. Now I know, though.
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    End of the fillers: February 15, 2007

    Okay, February 15 it is. It's nice that the Bleach fillers have ended also, so that you have something to watch until Naruto's fillers end.
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    Bleach Fillers are Ending in Spring 2007

    I don't exactly know where to post so, here's the HQ RAW:
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    Bleach Fillers are Ending in Spring 2007

    Screen caps from episode 109
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    Espada Grimjow voiced by Suwabe Junichi

    Yeah, I heard about this and I also downloaded a Fullmetal episode and I think his voice would suit Grimmjaw pretty well.
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    Info The Volume Covers Thread [NEW: Vol. 71!]

    Re: New Spoiler picture??? [MAY be 338 spoiler] It's a really nice picture. Perhaps it is from a new artbook, but I think, as it has been said, it's from last issue. Just not part of the actual chapter.