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    Old Spoiler Threads

    Re: ES21 281 Spoiler thread dofla can u post it in mediafire megaupload or sendspace ? rapidshare does not work with me
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    Old Spoiler Threads

    Re: ES21 273 Spoiler Thread thanks for it Christmas Bowl HERE WE COME!!! lol or would they release it in XMAS
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    Shounen Black God by Lim Dal Young & Park Sung Woo

    Re: Black God this series look awesome man
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    Reborn! volume 20 (ch175-185) Discussion

    Re: Reborn! 177 Spoiler Thread yup i read it the raw over at ikunlun SO AWESOME X BURNER!!!!!!!!
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    The Reborn! Anime Discussion Thread

    Re: Reborn! anime RAWS thread (latest ep65) hey if u see at the scene in the party at yamamoto father's sushi bar when tsuna enter and gokudera rush to him and talk to him about the ring battle and after that rise his fist to show him WEARING THE VONGOLA RING . YOU CAN SEE THAT HE IS WEARING...
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    What do you think is the real deal behind the tri ne sette?

    it might the the key to unlock sum machine can can aload u to control the past present and future
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    Shounen Change Guy by Son Eun Ho & Choi Myung Suu

    Re: Change Guy Can anybody post change guy raw chapter 317 and up?
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    Art Reborn signatures and avatars

    hey bax where did u get that tsuna in suit picture from? could u please post the full picture
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    Reborn! volume 19 (ch165-174) Discussion

    Re: Reborn! 174 Discussion/175 Predictions Thread well since the milliefoire is attacking the vongola HQ hopefully we WOULD BE able to see Reborn fight since he cant go outside and have to remain inside the base .This is going to be one hell of a chapter , Saw the spoilers hopefully there would...
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    Reborn! volume 20 (ch175-185) Discussion

    Re: Reborn! 175 Spoiler Thread thanks kirimi WAWWWWWW CANT WAIT for the chapter to be out , it looks so exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! maybe this chapter might be longer since its like the end of year edition or xmas
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    Reborn! volume 19 (ch165-174) Discussion

    Re: Reborn! 174 Prediction Thread I would say All acobaleno(Super Babies) were all adults but because of the power of the pacifier or the curse of the Acobaleno change them to Super babies there was one of the chapter which shows lal mirch and collonello adult form together
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    Discussion Ultimate Gantz team

    well i think kurono might be the best in the gantz team but all the osaka people are just trash and that they complete 100points menu so many time might be becuz they were just fighting rookie monsters and i am not sure about the Stealth guy in the osaka team which they haven reveal yet
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    Seinen Tenjou Tenge by Oh! Great

    Re: Tenjo Tenge Tenjou Tenge is awesome man right now around the later part of the series with the tournament is awesome man Kabane looks so cool with his Touch anything turn into sword ability And Masataka who is the True Warrior , so exciting
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    Shounen Hatsukoi Limited by Kawashita Mizuki

    Re: Hatsukoi Limited by Kawashita Mizuki - Discussion this series is awesome its nice
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    Discussion Fight hunger with a "click"

    great i would help too