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    Discussion One Piece Prediction: Next Adventures and Locations

    The remaining 100,000,000 went to the party with feeding everyone for the events of Enies Lobby. When Nami opened the safe for the leftovers the next day, there was only a few belli left and Luffy told her they spend most of it on the food for the party.
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    Shounen The Prince of Tennis by Konomi Takeshi

    Re: Prince of Tennis OVA2 #1-2 Discussion I think that Shiraishi's move was taken out because Kevin Smith from the fillers used that similar move. The anime fillers can in a way became inferior to that signature attack. But I really wanted to see it animated with Shiraishi's attack. I really...
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    One Piece Databooks & 10th Treasures

    Re: One Piece Yellow Grand Elements RAW Download (part 1!) A torrent of One Piece Yellow Grand Elements Full Version just came out, and I'm guessing it's suppose to be in chinese when they say (chn). The d/l pace is really slow for me so some...
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    Matsuri lives!!

    I guess you never realized she was already in the manga before her anime appearance. Well actually her first appearance was at the end of the rescue Gaara arc in manga chapter 278 - 279 (or something around there as one of the Gaara groupies). Although her first appearance in the anime is the...
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    Discussion One Piece Episode 309 Discussion with poll

    Re: ONE PIECE EPISODE 309 Is the sickest episode yet!!! From the way the episode was described I'd say no. The episode wasn't so-so but it was freaking awesome and didn't suck, however there are too many awesome episodes in One Piece that this would have to be one of them hence my disagreement...
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    Seinen Initial D by Shigeno Shuichi

    Re: Initial D? In english by Tokyopop it's around 26 - 27 volumes (heavily edited of coarse, edited so badly it sucks). In Edited Mangas online, it goes up to near the end of 28 volumes. However there has been no Edited Mangas past volume 28 sadly as nobody has been translating them. Bottom...
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    Movie Naruto Shippūden: The Movie - SUB OUT!

    Re: naruto movie 4 Although it was common to have wanted a "Kakashi Gaiden" movie, but besides that, I would have wanted to see a movie based on Naruto's 2 1/2 year training with Jiraiya. What if this movie will have clips of that event that we won't see in the manga?
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    Anime The Different Fansubs

    Anime One (aka AonE) has been known for taking their time subbing to get the right edits. They've been around since the 1st episode, of coarse...they haven't however gotten to Shippuuden too but will also work on Shippuuden. The main different between this and DB or SD is because AonE always...
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    Anime Naruto: Shippuden - EP 001-002

    Re: Naruto Shippuden 001 Episode Discussion Exciting cuz those new OP and ED have very good beats to it makes the series sound very refreshing once again. But damn man the quality of the animation just blew away all my expectations.
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    Did Ace Survive...

    I still find it hard to believe only because nobody that is a major character really dies in One Piece for some reason because they seem to always be alive again at some point. The only people I'm sure that was shown dead would be from all the flashbacks. So even to see everyone from like...
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    CROSS EPOCH - Akira Toriyama X Eiichiro Oda

    I"m soooo excited just without even knowing what it's about. Can't go wrong with Toriyama or Oda.
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    Discussion What do you think makes Naruto so popular?

    Re: wat do u think makes Naruto so popular Cliffhangers of wanting to know how the next chapter or episode is going to be like next. Most mangas or anime I can take a break from after watching like 1 episode a day for example, but Naruto compared to the other mangas or animes I've seen (like...
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    The Search for Straw Hat's New Nakama...

    Re: the Search for Strawhat's New Nakama... I always thought that the Musician will be the last member but since I'm reading these theories right now I could be wrong. Although I also thought the next crew member would also be a mermaid, at least something to make Sanji go more bonkers of...
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    Anime Fillers

    If there is no Bleach and Naruto for like 2 weeks (both anime and manga as well as other titles) that is expected because that is what happened last year as well during the Christmas break (every manga-ka, animator, etc need a break as well)'s like Golden Week I think, except it's...
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    Is Hiruma Eyeshield21??? This Es21 manga is finished already??

    My first thought is Eyeshield already retired. He is just going to be a spectator watching, unless there is yet another key character that hasn't made an appearance in the manga/anime yet. Gaou seems to fit more in taking down Kurita and Hiruma characters, and Sena would have no problem dealing...