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    Info/Discussion Best Quote

    Aizen to Shinji: Quote
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    Top Tier RD 1 Konan vs Chiyo

    Well, even though it was with preparation, Konan is the one who managed to do something that no one else was able to - injure Tobi. I would say that's quite a big feat.
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    Team Aqua Beauty vs Team Test Tube Symphonics

    lol, what will Rose do? Whip Halibel to death? (Bad girl, bad! :eyeroll) As for Aroniero.. If Rukia can do it so can any VC level fighter. Aqua Beauty stomps.
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    Best Opening (Animation-wise)

    Nominees in this category excel both animation and song wise.
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    Best Fight

    Anno is pure genius. Asuka raping the angels, bathing in a sea of blood and screaming "Baka Shinji!" combined with classical music - this is epic! :)
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    Team Cueball Cubed vs Team Krazy Kidz

    Really. Like I said, because of Wondy's childish look Ukitake wasn't expecting his attack. It was a surprise attack, not Wondy's amazing speed feat. And of course Shunsui wanted revenge, it's kinda obvious reaction when your friend/ally is attacked. Off-panel fights doesn't count, maybe...
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    Urahara Kisuke vs Kurosaki Isshin

    I'm not saying Urahara is weak, but he's not that strong to one-shot Ulqi with Benihime. My point is that he has to put some effort to beat Ulqi, bleachdrinkingtousen stated that he didn't. Aizen expecting for Yama to go down because of his own incredible power using Wondy's ability to seal...
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    Team Cueball Cubed vs Team Krazy Kidz

    Senior who was at that moment startled by superchunky and thought "oh, here's another friendly chibi arrancar like Lilly" when he saw Wondy.
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    Urahara Kisuke vs Kurosaki Isshin

    Are we reading the same manga? :blink It's pretty much the opposite. Shikai Benihime wouldn't smoke Ulqi because it already didn't in conquistadores chapter. I mean word "smokes" makes it sound like Ulqi would be one-shoted or something. And that's just ridiculous. As for the bolded part, how's...
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    Team Cueball Cubed vs Team Krazy Kidz

    Wondy is way overrated. Just because he caught Ukitake by surprise and stood against Yama-sama for a couple of minutes (thanks to hsr only) it doesn't make him the strongest arrancar. And as others have already said, if Hachi manages to restrain Wondy in time (WW ain't no Barragan, he cannot...
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    Urahara Kisuke vs Kurosaki Isshin

    Urahara might be a great smartass, but Isshin's "finger flick" technique left a huge impression on me. It's really a tough choice, but I'll go with daddy.
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    Kurosaki Ichigo vs Coyote Starrk

    Sadly Ichigo has no chance of winning even against sealed Starrk. But once Ichigonator mode is ON --> R.I.P. Starrk.
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    Zaraki Kenpachi vs Tia Harribel

    Finally a match where it's hard to tell who might win. Now for many I guess it's obvious that it will be Kenpachi because he has monster infinite chakra, but if Halibel doesn't get in close combat and uses long range attacks sooner or later Kenpachi has to fall down because he doesn't have any...
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    Ulquiorra Cifer vs Wonderweiss Margela

    Seriously? I mean, seriously? Yeah, Wondy might have caught couple captains off-guard, and he stood against swordless Yama quite well, but that doesn't change the fact that he's retarded. And Ulqi is not. Neither is Ichigonator. And just because theoretically Ulqi is #4, it doesn't mean that he...
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    Kyōraku Shunsui vs Matsumoto Rangiku

    lol sorry, but it's more like a fact than a fanfic, soon you'll see for yourself ;)