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  1. Chapter Fairy Tail: 100YQ Chapter 92 Discussion

    Nothing suggest Sazuke arrived from the white village to Black mountain in the same time it took Mimi to go from Black mountain to the white village. This also has nothing to do with the conversation. You claim Mimi is the weakest because Lucy landed an attack on her but Lucy did the same to...
  2. Fantasy Lucy Heartfilia and Wendy Marvell vs. Elfman Strauss

    Considering Elfman in Lion form couldn't take out Lucy I don't see him doing any better alone against her and Wendy. Elfman is being wanked. The best Elfman can do is try to tired them out.
  3. Chapter Fairy Tail: 100YQ Chapter 92 Discussion

    I don't get how Mimi was the weakest when we she can easily defeat the same spirits that can defeat multiple of Youka Yokai. Hakune was the strongest with the most effective magic, then Mimi then Youka who was a threat because of quantity not quality. While I found the fight ridiculous let's not...
  4. Chapter Fairy Tail: 100YQ Chapter 92 Discussion

    Neither one of you guys actually countered any of my arguments. Irene is still inside Wendy and can still help her this is canon fact. The area they are in is full of Etherno this is canon fact and Wendy can eat the Etherno in the Air this is fact did it in Tartarous arc. Also you bring up...
  5. Chapter Fairy Tail: 100YQ Chapter 92 Discussion

    To Start off Elfseria didn't say the Quest is open to everybody. He said he would make an exception for Diabolos which Team Natsu call unfair and he acknowledges it but says that is how it is. The exception doesn't extend to others. Also no way is Sting or Rogue stronger than Erza. Based on what...
  6. Chapter Fairy Tail: 100YQ Chapter 92 Discussion

    I don't see the point in having "Others" come in help Team Natsu out at the moment. We still have 3-4 Dragon gods that are stronger than the Black Knights so having them help out would be pointless story wise rather than have Team Natsu defeat the Black knights themselves. What I mean is if Team...
  7. Chapter Fairy Tail: 100YQ Chapter 92 Discussion

    How many continents are there in Earthland? I wonder if other Dragons like the DG's and Dragon slayers that went Dragonfication escaped to other continents. Maybe even other worlds like Elentir, etc.
  8. Chapter Fairy Tail: 100YQ Chapter 92 Discussion

    I also wonder how BDSK compare to DG in strength if the BDSK goes into Dragonfication mode like Nebal. Also how does the regular DE power compare to human BDSK strength when the regular DE go Dragonfication.
  9. Chapter Fairy Tail: 100YQ Chapter 92 Discussion

    I wonder wouldn't them eating the condensed Etherno around where they currently are given them the same boost they had in Elentir? I doubt Hiro even remembers this but it would be nice if it was brought back up. While I doubt Hiro would do this wouldn't it be interesting if whatever is sealed...
  10. Chapter Fairy Tail: 100YQ Chapter 92 Discussion

    With the introduction of a possible sixth Dragon God I am going to go on a limb and say there are actually seven. As far as who battles who I predict: Erza vs Sazuka Wendy vs Kid Gray vs Female knight Natsu vs Coffin dude(Then Selene) Lucy gets stuck in a horrible position of taking on the 3...
  11. Fantasy Jacob vs Lucy

    Urano Metira isn't spatial magic. That is like saying Heavenly body magic is spatial magic. Also Capricorn has great combat skill so does Leo. The only reason Jacob was an actual threat was because of his stealth magic. Leo has already shown to counter that. Taking BS out of the equation Lucy...
  12. Fantasy Jacob vs Lucy

    Marin can reverse spatial magic or he can simply stop it from happening. It isn't always the same. Marin control over spatial magic varies. Marin decides who gets to use spatial magic and who doesn't. When Lucy had Gemini use Marins spatial magic she reversed it because she needed to bring the...
  13. Fantasy Jacob vs Lucy

    Gemini has already copied Marin which could stop Jacob from accessing Spacial magic which the only thing he has that is a threat to Lucy. Also Lucy has dodge bullets and much faster attacks. So without PIS that isn't going to do anything.
  14. Fantasy Jacob vs Lucy

    Lucy wins if No PiS. His stealth magic is useless against Lucy. So is his Teleporting magic. So all he has left is his combat which Capricorn or simply trapping in in a spica hole or a bunch of whole would restrain him long enough for Lucy to cast Urano Metria.
  15. Chapter Fairy Tail: 100YQ Chapter 91 Discussion

    I thought Aldo strength was split between Doom, Metro, Gears, Aldoron(seed), and His huge Dragon form that Giant Gajeel was fighting.