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    Shounen Psyren by Iwashiro Toshiaki

    it sounds... interesting. I was sort of meh about Mieru Hito, but it had good art, so this is going to be cool.
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    Anime 666 Satan

    Re: 666 Satan Anime Just because the series has finished doesn't mean it will be an OVA... I really don't want it to be an OVA. There's no way they can fit 80(I'm assuming thats about when it will end...) chapters into 3 episodes... I could be made into a 52 ep series. Or a 26, if they...
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    Mag Talk Jump SQ (Shueisha)

    Re: The official Jump Square thread hmm... I knew that.... why did I forget it... well I look a wee bit stupid now...
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    Mag Talk Jump SQ (Shueisha)

    Re: The official Jump Square thread hello baby looks awesome! I sat that. But really I'm just judging it by its art. I mean BLue Dragon was shit. But it had awesome art. So hopefully the story is just as good. I'm looking forward to Frankenstein, it looks good. Hello Baby... I admit I'm looking...
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    Chapter 376 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: Naruto 376 Discussion [Naruto] Is anyone else thinking how entirely obvious it is that Naruto will be the chosen student?
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    Chapter 373 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 373 Predictions [Naruto] I didn't know where to post this... but the Chinese Edited Mangas are out here :
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    Shounen Hatsukoi Limited by Kawashita Mizuki

    Re: Hatsukoi Limited by Kawashita Mizuki - Discussion the art is good. Why does the genre have to suck so much. Its like Blue Dragon. Great art. Crap story.
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    Anime 666 Satan

    Re: 666 Satan Anime thats not the complete list for the winter season, theres still a tiny chance it could... Actually no. No it can't. There has been no advertising. They normally do heaps. Well we can hope for April.
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    Discussion The DGM Hiatus Thread -Hiatus Ends July 17th-

    Re: D.Gray-man: long absence? DGM should be in this weeks issue. Ritual has it in this weeks ToC.
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    Feedback The new Shoutbox Format!

    Alot better! it's so much more tidy and organized. Keep it like this.
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    Manga Coloring of the Week #39: Amateur Category

    Bleach - 291 - "Page 4 & 5 - Nel The Great by Cupcake Nel is so awesome.
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    Chapter 370 Discussion [Naruto]

    I was under the impression that the bodies in that room were the bodies of the dead Akatsuki members...
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    Shounen Hitomi no Catoblepas by Tanaka Yasuki

    Re: Hitomi no Catoblepas Discussion well its finished... I'm sort of sad... I mean I liked it... but now its gone. Oh well thats jump for you.
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    Anime 666 Satan

    Re: 666 Satan Anime - CONFIRMED! do we have the scans for the latest chapter?... Wikipedia never lies, there must be something in that. EDIT: Wiki actually just says that they are expecting an anime near the end of the year... So that could mean that it doesn't actually happen... I'm not going...
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    Discussion Old Spoilers Thread

    Re: D. Gray-Man 128: Spoiler D.gray is pulling a dragonball on us these last like 10 chapters havbe all happened in the span of 1 minute