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  1. Chapter Bleach 295 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 295 Predictions tiger shark(two words not one) in spanish would be tigre tiburón. Tora is japanese for tiger and tina I'm unsure on a meaning of other than a name.
  2. Chapter 366 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 366 Predictions [Naruto] Wow, great chapter. As for predictions I'll stick to similar lines of what I've always believed about Itachi, and that is he was forced into Akatsuki. As is he's the only one I've seen ever address a jinchuriki by name. So here's what I predict Itachi was forced...
  3. Discussion Naruto Popularity Poll # 7 Results Discussion!

    Re: Naruto Popularity Poll # 7 Predictions! I was well aware of that when I made my list, but Iruka's popularity has been dropping in part to his absence that's why I put him at #15.
  4. Discussion Naruto Popularity Poll # 7 Results Discussion!

    Re: Naruto Popularity Poll # 7 Predictions! *shrugs* Given what we've seen so far Suigetsu may make it into the top 30's, I just have my doubts that he will, after all the majority of the top 30 I listed have reasonable Fandom backing them and I doubt Suigetsu's reached that level yet is...
  5. Chapter 359 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 359 Predictions [Naruto] Hmmm.... I don't think Deidara's done yet, it looked like his right arm was reconstructed with clay(the one Gaara had crushed, Kishimoto gave us a good look in 355* for a reason) and Sasuke's giant shuriken is lodged in that clay on the right one. Deidara made a...
  6. Discussion Naruto Popularity Poll # 7 Results Discussion!

    Re: Naruto Popularity Poll # 7 Predictions! Since I like a challenge I'm going for the top 30: 1. Uchiha Sasuke 2. Hatake Kakashi 3. Uzumaki Naruto 4. Deidara 5. Nara Shikamaru 6. Yondaime 7. Tobi 8. Hidan 9. Haruno Sakura 10. Gaara 11. Hyuuga Neji 12. Uchiha Itachi 13. Kimimaro...
  7. Naruto Hang Out Thread

    To quote a psychiatrist "all poodles are dogs, but not all dogs are poodles." Meaning Hunter nins most likely have a division in anbu, but not all anbu hunt criminals/missing nins. The Uchiha = Police Force and Anbu = CIA/Secret Service/FBI/etc., at least that's the way I understand it.
  8. Naruto Hang Out Thread

    Starting a new subject I just watched the new episode of Shipuden and I can't help but wonder if this has been brought to question before. It would seem to me that Zetsu is a hunter nin(or at the very least his village's equivalent) after all he's very good at disposing evidence and that is a...
  9. Shounen Go Da Gun by Katakura Masanori

    Re: Goda Gun Take from the American Shonen Jump July 2003: Goda Gun Authored by Masanori M Katakura, and serialized in Ultra Jump, this one is all about a 16-year old guy named Gun(family name: Goda) who, along with his various fighting -video-game-styled pals, opposes the very naughty...
  10. Chapter 356 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 356 Predictions [Naruto] I wouldn't call this a prediction, but more of an educated guess. The two feet are different the one behind Naruto's group is clearly wearing the more traditional Naruto foot wear or has an elevated heal like Karin. Whereas the one behind Sasuke has the smaller...
  11. Shounen Go Da Gun by Katakura Masanori

    Re: Goda Gun I'm going to do my best to translate them myself, but if I can find an experienced translator who's interested in the project I won't turn them down.
  12. Shounen Go Da Gun by Katakura Masanori

    I've been dying to see scanslations or raws of Goda Gun for awhile now, it was originally run in Ultra Jump(unsure if it's still running or not). If anyone is able and willing to get raws of this series uploaded it would be greatly appreciated(I say this because I've searched every part of the...
  13. Would you read a story like this? *need opinion*

    It has potential, but it's a little too close to Full Metal. Not that it's a bad thing to be influenced, seeing as some really good stories have come from such inspiration, but if it's too close it becomes harder for fans to get into it. If you want help, I'd be glad to lend whatever...
  14. Shounen Inuyasha by Takahashi Rumiko

    Re: What's Your Favorite InuYasha Pairing? <3 I know, but it was still a good pairing.
  15. Raruto Fan Projects

    :notrust wow that's so great