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    Fantasy Sasuke vs. Neji

    Let's see now, I think it would be best to start by truly listing all the abilities of both fighters and also noting their weaknesses. Weaknesses and limitations after all have a rather big influence on the fight and what a person can do. Lets start with Neji Abilities: - Byakugan enhanced...
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    Anime Bleach EP 191 Discussion

    Oh the series has gone back to canon material, I'm quessing one episode ago? I stopped watching the anime when it went back to fillers (I keep skipping the fillers, I'm only interested in the parts that follow the manga). Looks like I have to check the latest episodes again, but I agree fillers...
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    Archived Introduction Thread - Part 1

    Re: Introduction Thread I think I should introduce myself. I registered a while ago but I haven't been all that active. Anyways I'm Dantrag. A 25 year old manga fan from Finland. As my dayjob I dable around with websites and servers. The little free time I have is divided between my family...
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    Shounen [FEATURED] Hunter x Hunter

    Re: Hunter x Hunter Again, the major drop of the quality of the is a direct result to the long time illness of the mangaka. He has indeed been doing a major effort on writing this manga despite his conditions. I agree they're far from pleasant and hopefully they'll be fixed later. And a small...
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    Who could be the 1st person to see Senbon Zakura Kageyoshi True form?

    The one Byakuya and Ukitake are referring to in those pictures is the late Shiba Kaien, who looks exactly like Ichigo, the only difference is that Kaien's hair was black and he had a small ponytail. Kaien was the vice-captain of Ukitake's squad, he died some time before the beginning of the series.
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    The Rasengan Mega-Convo

    Re: rasengan improvment Well since Sasuke is mainly a fire and lightning-element user and Naruto has wind which is stronger than Lightning yet weaker than fire so the obvious second, favourable element for him would be Water, since Water > Fire. But I still like to hope that Kishy doesn't turn...
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    The Rasengan Mega-Convo

    Re: rasengan improvment That's the basic principle behind the rasengan indeed. Though for some reason both Kakashi and 4th failed to input the elemental chakra, Kakashi points out that that is the reason why he then developed Chidori which means Rasengan existed before Kakashi Gaiden. However...
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    Discussion How Similar are Naruto and Yondaime?

    Re: Why isnt Naruto like yondaime? I'd say even if the people of Konoha knew that Naruto was the 4th's son, they'd still have a very legitimate reason to fear him. As far as we know, there is no 100% safe way to seal a bijuu inside a human and expect that everything turns out ok. Look at...
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    Why Did Orochimaru Want the Sharingan and not the Rinnegan?

    Re: oro... why did he go for the sharingan and not the Rin'negan One of Orochimaru's goals was to learn all jutsus in the world. Because at the moment Rinnegan's full abilities are unknown only Sharingan, as far as we know, has the ability to copy jutsus which would have helped him to learn...
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    Jutsu Discussion Mega Convo Thread

    Re: hermit mode With the help of the toads Jiraiya gains the ability to use atleast one type of genjutsu. He completelly lacks genjutsu-skills when not in hermit mode. Barrier abilities, long range attacks with the aid of the toads, who knows what else. And no, Jiraiya did not develop the...
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    Elemental Fusions - Kekkei Genkai and Kekkei Touta

    Re: A question about Shodaime's bloodline-limit, and his lineage Almost anything in Naruto-universe can be studied even kekkei genkai's. All you really need is a person holding the bloodline limit. Why do you think the Hyuga-clan goes to such extensive measures to put a seal on branch members...
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    Elemental Fusions - Kekkei Genkai and Kekkei Touta

    Re: A question about Shodaime's bloodline-limit, and his lineage In a way, you could say that yes, Shodai did develop mokuton. Sure he had the potential to combine two elements (doton, suiton) but I think he still had to figure out how to do it since he was the first ever, that we know of...
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    Chapter Bleach 303 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 303 Predictions No, Shinigami purifying the hollows does not jeopardize the balance. They only send the purified hollows into SS or Hell and from SS, those souls are later reborn back on Earth to replace those who die there and become new hollows/SS-citizens. Quincy and the...
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    Discussion Byakuya's Strength Improvement = Too Much?

    You are somewhat off. Captains and Vice-captains only have limiters placed on them when they go in the human world, not when they are in HM(As far as we know) or SS. The reason why they carry limiters there are that; 1. their large spiritual pressure would attrack all types of hollows...
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    Bleach Hangout Thread

    If you are refering to the Patros-incident, then I'll remind you that it was not Ulquiorra at all. It was an illusion from Aizen's zanpakutou. + It was deliberatelly made so that the 3 numeros would go and wreck havoc so that Ulq could sneak around unnoticed to do some research. Oh, and Chosen...