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    Chapter One Piece Volume 46 (ch441-449) Discussion

    Re: One Piece 444 Discussion This chapter is perfect *____* I laugh a lot with Nami, Ussop and Chopper, in the first moment they was very fear to the island, but with the mini-merry the thing change, and chopper saying about the fox =D End other thinks, I like very much this chapter and thinks...
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    Chapter 263 Discussion [Bleach]

    Re: 263 Predictions [Bleach] I think the 9° espada is Kaien or the hollow' Kaien. And I want to see a super fight betwen Rukia and 9° espada. I want to see Rukia kick ass in manga, because when she fought against the 16° arankar in the live world, the fight was poor, and fast. And Sado to me he...
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    Shanks "New Era" and the incident Ace x BB battle would start

    This is very interest to talk, but I thought that Shanks say about to consider Ruff the new Pirate king or the new imperator not about Dragon. All the people in OP didn't know anything about Dragon, nico Robin say this when Garps say about her son Dragon to be Ruff's father. Because this I...
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    Favorites Best Shoujo Heroine/Main Character?

    I like very much Makino Tsukushi from Boys be Flowers ( Hana yori Dango), I like Haruhi Fujioka in second and Thoru from FB in third, I like Suzumiya Haruhi too. I like the female caracter of Lovely Complex, she is very funny and beautifull but now I forgot her name.. u.u... sorry. o/ Bjux!!
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    Hangout Shoujo & Josei Hangout Thread

    Re: Josei manga The only Josei I know is Kimi wa pet. Like very much and watched the drama a year ago. But the other I don't know I will seach for they, Because I like very much Josei manga.. Is more interest than normaly shoujo ^_^ in some aspects. Nana is josei too? I didn't know O.O.. And I...
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    Is Ace really Luffy's brother?

    I think that Ruff and Ace are only adopted brothers, Because they don't have the same surname, only had the same D. I don't kwon why he and Ruff did trainer together, but for me they don't blood related brother... Bjux!!