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    Shounen mx0 by Yasuhiro Kano

    Re: Why do you love mx0? I'm gonna Have to agree with everyone comments, but for me my main reason is that the story arcs aren't dragged out for long periods of time. I know I'll get a resolution in at a good pace.
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    Ino-Shika-Chou combo!

    Re: The Official Shikamaru thread (about time we made it) Just a fan art I found. Shikamaru needs more fanart.
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    Ethnicity in the Naruto world

    I have a friend who is teaching English over there at the moment, and one thing that she has noticed is that the schools have a strong emphasis on nationalism (Def: Pride in ones country.) Even when teaching English the books will make notes on why Japanese is better than English. The example...
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    Chapter 333 Discussions [Naruto]

    I do hope kakuza is dead, to me it like Asuma. Many were saying things like: "asuma can't die, he's a jounin! he has to die spectacular death not something so quick." The arguments are similar here. The only saving grace he has is that villian usually don't die quickly,usually the heroes get the...
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    Favorites What's your favorite Naruto pairing?

    hmm, been a fan of shika/temari also Naruto/Hinata but my favorite couple has no chance of happening but I think they are the best: then again
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    The Official Temari Thread

    Temari fan here. She is one of the few females that actually caught my attention before the time skip, because she wasn't just there to be cute. She could smile pretty then kill you the next moment. I like the picture below because it really shows her personality. (well in my opinion anyways.)
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    Chapter One Piece Volume 45 (ch431-440) Discussion

    Re: One Piece 431 Predictions Didn't Oda himself say that he wasn't planning on any romance in the series? Anyway... Next chapter looks to be more closing of the arc and maybe forshadowing of the next story arc.
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    Chapter One Piece Volume 44 (ch420-430) Discussion

    Re: One Piece 429 Predictions ok my 2 cents: the main reason for merry's return is for an offical goodbye from the whole crew. The crew never really got a chance to say good bye to the ship before all the EL stuff started happening. The theory of it being the spirit of merry makes the most...
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    Chapter 325 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 325 Predictions [Naruto] One thing I noticed about shikamaru is that until he says he's out of options then his plan is not done. His plan probably has more to do with stalling and getting asuma free then defeating Hidan. This would give the renforcements time to show up. As for the back...
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    Chapter One Piece Volume 44 (ch420-430) Discussion

    Re: One Piece 427 Predictions reacting to Luffy's fall the crew takes down tons of marine captains. Meanwhile Lucci is laughing, etc. when the scent of food drifts slowly over the battle. As Lucci jumps to attack the crew he gets knocked back hard by Luffy. Luffy is awakened by his stomach...
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    Chapter One Piece Volume 44 (ch420-430) Discussion

    Re: One Piece 426 Discussion so does anyone else think that the fight between Luffy and Lucci is not over? I know there was the whole table of contents annoucement but from most shonen I've read those annoucements rarely tell the truth. the dragonball anime was notorous for that. as far as...
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    Old Spoiler Threads

    Re: ES 21 ch 200 // 4 pics not doubt that was probably the inpiration, this will be interesting. probably due to the Naga's reputation. Even if he has "Blanka" as a line man the Naga team as a whole is strong not just a single person.
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    Chapter One Piece Volume 44 (ch420-430) Discussion

    Re: One Piece Chapter 425 Discussion if the fight is really supposed to end next chapter, then it probably is. But it is the ultimate technique I person can learn. Lucci may have come up with his own variation of the technique. So it will be interesting to see. :smile-big
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    One Piece Movie 7

    I agree the character detail definately is the best in movie 7 but the animation was only about average withe rest of the movies. That's probably why I don't mind movie 6's style. It was less detail but the animation used was smoother than the other movies.
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    Chapter One Piece Volume 44 (ch420-430) Discussion

    Re: One Piece 426 Predictions My hope is that it's all Luffy vs. Lucci, with the final pages the finishing blow for victory, but that may take another chapter. Once the battle is over, if the FF and Galley-La aren't dead, the Strawhats will probably be getting a call from Paulie on the snail...