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  1. Chapter Naruto 570 Discussion

    Re: Naruto 570 Spoiler Discussion The spoiler, short as it is, does this epic, pivotal moment justice. What more is there to say, really?
  2. Chapter Naruto 566 Discussion

    Re: Naruto 566 Spoiler Discussion I'm not buying this spoiler. Guy and Kakashi have plenty of other things to deal with, and I can't imagine they'd think moving into the middle of a jinchuriki brawl would somehow be helping. And what kind of plan is sitting around waiting for him to go solid...
  3. Chapter Naruto 565 Discussion

    Re: Naruto 565 Discussion / 566 Predictions It's really fun to see an all-out jinchuriki battle, so I suspect this battle will rage on for a long time. But I was a bit let down that we had to sit through yet *another* character discovering that rinnegan users share vision.
  4. Chapter Beelzebub 135 Discussion

    Re: Beelzebub 135 Discussion / 136 Predictions I don't feel like we have a good feel for just how powerful (or not) the pillar heads are. Would have been nice if a non-overpowered character faced off with them first. It seems like there are basically two classes of enemies: those who don't...
  5. Chapter One Piece 648 Discussion

    Re: One Piece 648 Discussion / 649 Prediction I think it's a lock Jinbei will accept. He may first try to refuse, offering to stay at Fishman Island to help establish a more unified society, but the king would almost certainly convince him otherwise, so as to solidify human-fishman relations...
  6. Hunter x Hunter Chapter 325 Discussion

    Re: Hunter x Hunter Chapter 325 Spoiler Discussion That wasn't the last time we saw Leorio. It was two chapters later in, which would make it exactly 10 years -- he even made a joke about it at the time.
  7. Question The Army of Zetsus

    Re: [FEATURED] The Army of Zetsus I think the latest couple chapters precisely answer your question. They're not designed for front-line combat; they're designed to sneak in, drain chakra, imitate opponents, and kill from within. It's like an entire army made of spies.
  8. Chapter Bleach 449 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 449 Discussion / 450 Predictions I'm a little upset with the Kisuke/Isshin portion. Someone we don't know is doing something we don't know for a reason we don't know at a place we don't know. It's a complete unknown rather than something we can solidly theorize about or even...
  9. Reborn 337 Discussion/ 338 Predictions

    I am ready for KHR to have a villain that persists through multiple arcs. Thus far, *every* villain has become an ally -- it's time for there to be a long-term threat. An illusionist who can do .. well, everything .. is a good candidate, as he can transfer to a new body upon each defeat...
  10. Chapter One Piece 626 Discussion

    Re: One Piece 626 Spoiler Discussion Guys, you are really reading too much into Otohime dodging bullets. Obviously, she shot herself because she was getting fed up with the flashback.
  11. Chapter One Piece 626 Discussion

    Re: One Piece 626 Spoiler Discussion Perhaps, but since it gave Decken the chance to get his hands on Otohime, it may have been one of his henchmen. It would help all the more to make him the big bad of the arc.
  12. Discussion Do you think there will now be a new fourth Emperor, if yes, who?

    Re: Who do you think is the new Emperor? To answer this, we must ask: why was Big Edward ever considered the ruler of the seas in the first place? This was because he was the only one remembered to have been able to fight on par with the previous king of the pirates, Gol. So we can either...
  13. Pain Mega Convo

    Re: The 6 Akatsuki of Pain My guess is that the 2 people he just summoned are not a part of the 6 we've seen, rather the final 2 of a total of 8. That is, I believe Pein contains the Hachibi, the 8-tails bijuu. The "inevitable" showdown between Naruto and Pein is mirrored in the showdown with...
  14. Chapter 363 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 363 Predictions [Naruto] i like the idea of a member of hebi coming to save him, but why would they appear at the very last moment? here's a thought (apologies to whoever may have been predicting this for the past 4 chapters :).. blaze dies down, there's a big crater, steam, and a dome...
  15. Chapter 349 Discussions [Naruto]

    Re: 349 Predictions [Naruto] I predict word *will* get back to Konoha. Sure, there weren't many prisoners, and sure it may not be the case any are from Konoha, but Oro being dead is *huge* news that will spread like crazy. That they'll be spreading the word of Sasuke "spreading peace," I...