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    Discussion DGM Chapter 231 Discussion/232 Predictions

    urgh I can't wait to know about Allen's past but I'm a bit confused so Millennium Earl is Mana + Nea? but then he devoured Nea to become the Millennium Earl again? but then he is also the Mana that is with Allen when he was young, and then Nea was implanted inside Allen? but then it also seems...
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    Hangout DGM Hang Out Thread

    Re: DGM Hang Out Thread - Part 1 D.Gray-man seems to be appearing in my dreams lately :worrybunny I pray for a new chapter everyday before going to bed
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    Chapter Claymore 126 Discussion

    Re: Claymore 126 Discussion / 127 Predictions I've just finished reading the chapter and what a huge shock! this series has ended? for real? * jaw drops * :gwah but why do I feel like there are so many things still left hanging? what are these Asarakam? could there be more of them?
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    Discussion D.Gray-man Volume 21 (Ch. 194-199) Discussion

    Re: DGM Chapter 198 Discussion/199 Prediction wow this chapter has my heart racing waiting for the next chapter is the cruelest torture to me I don't think the 14th wanted to kill/destroy Allen when he was reaching out his hand maybe he was untying the chains that's bounding Allen and the...
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    Anime Catharsis

    I dont really understand about the "state" you're talking about but as for me when i watch anime i tend to get excited depending on the story I'll feel a lil bit hot, I can't sit still, I paced around the room, jumping here and there my mind will be busy imagining the next possible storyline...
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    Malay Community v.5

    Re: Malay Thread v.5 uu dah lama aku tak lepak kat sini
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    Discussion The DGM Hiatus Thread -Hiatus Ends July 17th-

    Re: D.Gray-Man Hiatus? can't wait!!!! hope this won't be some kind of April fool's joke
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    Info TV Tokyo to Stream Naruto via Crunchyroll Worldwide *updated Dec 13, 2008*

    such long posts, I don't have the time to read it anyway I think that for $7 to watch licensed animes, it's so worth it! and I'm subscribing to it right now of course there's some complain on the service but since it would support the publishers, then I am glad to subscribe to it just to show...
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    Shounen Bakuman by Ohba Tsugumi and Obata Takeshi

    Re: Baku-man by Ohba x Obata (Death Note creators) wow i wonder if this is somewhat based on a true life experience of the mangaka LOL so this is how manga ends up serialized in JUMP huh but i don't think some other author has the authority to end a manga made by others or.. they can ? anyway...
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    Shounen Code: Breaker by Akimine Kamijyo

    yes i've noticed it since last chapter somehow my eyes are quick at catching those kinds of things >_>
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    Fairy Tail Vol 13 (Chap 101-109) Discussion

    Re: Fairy Tail 106 Discussion / 107 Prediction Thread owh internal dispute or is it coup detat within fairy tail maybe we'll get to see the other fairy tail mage use their magic i wonder how.. last chapter's guy (predicted to be lucy's father) will fit in this or maybe it doesn't have anything...
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    Shounen Code: Breaker by Akimine Kamijyo

    o_0 .... ... . . mother ???!!!! >_< ogami using a katana!! w00t i smell kyo samurai deeper element in this but i like it nonetheless sakura and her family.. reminds me of gokusen and this heika senpai .. i wonder if he has strange power/ability like ogami and toki
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    Discussion D.Gray-man Volume 18 (Ch. 172-181) Discussion

    Re: DGM 175 Spoiler Thread o_0 ball sticking out of that kid's head look weird Marie being blind is a surprise i think the the earl had made some modification to the akuma somehow that Allen's eye can't detect them anymore and this barrier thing seems like from now on the fight between the...
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    Discussion DGM Hang Out Thread

    wow so hoshino went to german? that must've been a big event for her to go there personally i wish she would come here >_<
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    Discussion D.Gray-man Volume 18 (Ch. 172-181) Discussion

    Re: DGM 175 Spoiler Thread owh wow this looks like it's going to be an interesting chapter