1. The new season of the Anime League is here! Tell us which new Anime of this season you liked the most so far!
  2. This year's Community Awards have ended. Check out the results HERE!
  3. Congratulations to MarmaladeSky for winning the Witch Halloween Special Art contest!

    Voting has begun for the Winter Art Contests: Avatar & Signature Set, Photography and Short Stories .

    This is the final scheduled contest for the year and we would like to say a big thank you to all those who have participated and engaged in the Contests and the Art community in general throughout the year. Your contributions were invaluable!!
  4. The Husbando Wars have finally begun! Nominate your Husbando now!
  5. Starting from mid-February or so we'll be going through the media gallery and sorting through the submissions there to ensure they match with our recent changes listed in the Media Gallery Guide.
    As such some media files will be removed, so please be sure to look through your media and ensure it is up to requirements If you have any questions, contact a global/admin.
Though artists in particular, everyone please do check out the [MEDIA GUIDE] , as there are information relevant for you all. Thanks!

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