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    Shounen Blazer Drive by Kishimoto Seishi

    Anyone read the new chapter yet? The previous one was rather interesting.
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    Shin Prince of Tennis Archive

    Re: [NEWCOMER]New Prince of Tennis by Konomi Takeshi All I know is that I'm really damn happy that PoT is back.
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    Discussion The DGM Hiatus Thread -Hiatus Ends July 17th-

    Re: D.Gray-Man Hiatus? I'm just damn happy it's coming back. I miss it
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    Databook III NARUTO: Databook 3 - HQ RAW by Japflap (Complete - 360 pages)

    Re: NARUTO: Databook 3 - HQ RAW by Japflap (147/360 pages) hell yeah thanks
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    Shounen Buster Keel! by Sakamoto Kenshirou

    Sound like it might just have some promise. I'll have to check it out if it gets a scan which I hope it does.
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    Chapter Volume 34 (Chapters 297-306) Discussions

    Re: Berserk 297 Discussion thanks much
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    Chapter Volume 33 (Chapters 287-296) Discussion

    Re: Berserk 296 Discussion thanks much
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    Official Berserk RAWs Thread

    nice thanks
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    Chapter Volume 33 (Chapters 287-296) Discussion

    Re: Berserk 294 Discussion hell yeah thanks for this
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    Discussion D.Gray-man Movie

    A movie could be quite good but the flip side is that it could also utterly suck. The only way I see a movie being good is if they have Hoshino involved in it's development story wise.
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    Who is the strongest or has the most potential...

    I'd say Ichigo and Kenpachi Ichigo because he still has a lot to learn about his Shinigami powers and Zangetsu. Not to mention all he still has to master with his Vaizard powers. Kenpachi simply because he doesn't even know his sword name yet. He will be much much stronger once he masters...
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    Will Sasuke obtain the (Eternal) Mangekyo Sharingan?

    Re: If sasuke wins he will take Itachi's Eyes? Why would he? Itachi's eyes are in a fairly bad state and I don't think they are gonna become like new again if Sasuke takes them.
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    Discussion Which Konoha Shinobi have the ability to become Hokage?

    Re: Sasuke for Hokage? Never happen. There is no chance of Sasuke becoming Hokage
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    Official Berserk RAWs Thread

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    Mag Talk Shonen Jump/Jump SQ - FAQ

    thanx for the info. I found out something I didn't know