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    Shounen Soul Catcher(S) by Shinkai Hideo

    So few people comments about this manga, but I think it's an amazing manga so far It would be cool to see the author exploring more of Kamine power to see hearts
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    Hangout The Gamer by Sung Sang-Young

    Re: [Webtoon] The Gamer by Sung San-Young & Sang-Ah chap. 29 is out I wish I could understand about what they are talking
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    Shounen Sasameke by Gotsubo Ryuuji

    This manga is really fun XD I'm not sure if sports is in second prior, sure there is a lot of other stuffs happening, but there is also a lot of soccer games going on too. (And I'm really curious about how the game on the end of the volume 4 will develop )
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    Reborn 260 Discussion/261 Predictions

    Re: Reborn 260 Spoiler Thread Handcuffs as weapon? O.o; Well... at least Hibari acts like he was the police ô.o;
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    Reborn! volume 23 (ch206-215) Discussion

    Re: Reborn 211 Discussion / 212 Predictions Thread I think if Lambo get shot from the TYL Bazooka there he would be exchange w/ 20 years later Lambo... Maybe I Pin too O.o;
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    Art The Reborn Art thread

    great colors and vector ^^ [hr] I'm really curious about Chrome past XP
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    Reborn! volume 23 (ch206-215) Discussion

    Re: Reborn 210 Discussion / 211 Predictions Thread Wow! I liked this cover w/ Chrome as Nagi ^^ OMG! XD The Headgehog just got in panic! ROFL
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    Info Manga tankoubon extras

    Thanks RAFAT9 ^^ Lol! XD those comics are hilarious! XD
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    Art Reborn signatures and avatars

    great sig ^^
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    Info Manga tankoubon extras

    New page... so just to people find this info more easily... Just to post what's is disponible to read of Haru Haru Interview (and extras) online for who have interest ^^ Volume 5 (Tsuna and Reborn): Volume 6 (Gokudera)...
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    Reborn! volume 23 (ch206-215) Discussion

    Re: Reborn 209 Discussion / 210 Predictions Thread well, Mafia rings is something that exist from the beggining of Mafia... Maybe that's why Dino knows how to use it in the past/present ~.~ boxes came later, but w/out boxes, ppl seens that always could use rings to increase they power or to...
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    Art The Reborn Art thread

    Your Volpis looks great ^^
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    Reborn! volume 23 (ch206-215) Discussion

    Re: Reborn 208 Discussion / 209 Predictions Thread X Burner was really amazing in this chapter! X333
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    Shounen Double Arts by Komi Naoshi

    I really liked DA >__< It's sad to see it ends... and so sudden! >__<;
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    Info Manga tankoubon extras

    Font: 2ch Volume 21 extras :3 Haru Haru's Interviews this time is with Basil :3 I wanted to see w/ Chrome and Mukuro, but Basil is cool too ^^ I'm not sure but... Haru said Mafia Gokko.... Does she thinks that all Mafia stuff is a game like Yamamoto?! @__@