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  1. Chapter The Breaker: New Waves 198 Discussions/199 Predictions

    ^^agree with that I think what is said makes sense and isn't some traditionalist bullshit. Even if you learn other martial arts, you still need a base martial arts to call your own, or the source of mouvements. Right now shioon's is black sky school, that allows big powerful moves thanks to...
  2. Chapter The Breaker: New Waves 173 Discussions / 174 Predictions

    @Iseemtobelost true. Maybe he got better at using his ki so it's depleting faster. Gmr was pretty exhausted after fighting the elites in the building due to their strenght but it didn't last that long in time.
  3. Chapter The Breaker: New Waves 171 Discussions / 172 Predictions

    he is holding back he said so, he doesn't want to kill them and he controls his strenght better than before.
  4. Shounen History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi by Matsuena Syun

    too much master's fight eclipsing the disciple's journey for my taste.
  5. Chapter The Breaker: New Waves 161 Discussions / 162 Predictions

    I'm pretty sure the SUC was kept informed with the development within the maa building, with many murim clan leader present informing each of their school of what was happening, no way it's stay secret.
  6. Chapter The Breaker: New Waves 157 Discussions / 158 Predictions

    For me, the foolish part was about going against both gouvernement and murim at the same time but i guess that works too. Then again is it me or the autor is ambiguous with the way things are said all the time.Or is it interpretation in the translation?
  7. Chapter The Breaker: New Waves 157 Discussions / 158 Predictions

    If anything, the fact that lone wolf was researching the BOT and knew a few things about it's effects middle panel here he wanted to know more here he abandons his greed for the...
  8. Chapter The Breaker: New Waves 157 Discussions / 158 Predictions

    But it really looks like gmr doesn't remember unwol and it hurts his head when those painful memories try to resurface.
  9. Chapter The Breaker: New Waves 157 Discussions / 158 Predictions

    Re: The Breaker: New Waves 157 Spoiler Thread I'd say more damage to his mind. From the look of it GMR lost some memories of shioon and his master. Looks like some after effect from using BOT like when shioon denies the event of bearded gramps's death and thinks it's just training.
  10. Chapter Naruto 671 Discussion / 672 Predictions

    I think we can say no rinnengan for naruto "man with blue eye who can call the biju" says the chapter.
  11. Chapter The Breaker : New Waves 153 Discussion / 154 Predictions

    hum, now i having my doubts about glasse guy's superior ; he doesn't look that surprised at the news. Plus, he is smarter than glass guy, could be the scheming type.
  12. Chapter The Breaker : New Waves 150 Discussion / 151 Predictions

    great chapter. Always a solid plot for this manhwa
  13. Chapter Bleach 570 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 570 Spoiler Discussion the creepy fellow reminded me of the silence in Dr Who.
  14. Chapter The Breaker : New Waves 147 Discussion / 148 Prediction

    I think it's to show she is not shiho replacement material.