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    Chapter Gantz 380 Discussion/381 Prediction Thread

    But according to Katou, Kei's better than Gokuu AND Kenshirou.
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    Chapter Bleach 500 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 500 Discussion / 501 Predictions When you're doing 1 v 1 comparisons (e.g. in sports), transitivity is not guaranteed to hold at all.
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    Seinen Jackals by Murata Shinya & Kim Byung Jin

    Re: Jackals by Murata Shinya & Kim Byung Jin (v07) I just finished the seventh volume, and I guess that's it. The ending was a bit abrupt, but it wasn't bad.
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    Chapter Bleach 420 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 420 Discussion/421 Predictions Assuming the translation is accurate, the nerd in me wants to explain it as follows: Anything in R^2 (ie. the xy-coordinate system) can be expressed in R^3 (xyz-coordinate system) but not vice versa. For example, the equation of a sphere cannot be...
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    Chapter Bleach 415 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 415 Spoiler Discussion Reminds me of (WARNING: Berserk spoiler ahead)
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    Seinen Shamo by Tanaka Akio

    Re: Shamo by Hashimoto Izou & Tanaka Akio Looking back, in my opinion, Shamo should've ended with Volume 16. The last segment seemed unfocused and in light of the previous arc, didn't really make much sense.
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    Chapter Gantz 313 Discussion/314 Prediction Thread

    This chapter kicked ass. I can't wait for the translation.
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    Chapter Bleach 392 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 392 Discussion/393 Predictions
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    Discussion favorite single chapter... or interesting chapter.

    My favorite is actually a series of three chapters: 165-167.
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    Chapter Gantz 311 Discussion/312 Prediction Thread

    I proofed njt's chapter without knowing what the final page was. Like many others here, my jaw hit the floor in amazement. What sucks is that these next three weeks coincide with grad school application waiting. Waiting to hear back from admissions committees + potentially awesome Gantz...
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    Chapter Bleach 388 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 388 Discussion/389 Predictions I also thought the chapter was better than the spoilers made it out to be. I agree with Rotten The Wizard that damn, Aizen is even stronger than we thought he was.
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    Chapter Gantz 308 Discussion/309 Prediction Thread

    If I recall correctly, one of the bikers fired an X-Rifle shot at Nishi, which probably also contributed to his suit's weakening.
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    Gantz Live Action Films Confirmed for 2011

    I would add Sin City to the list of films that closely followed the comic book. I believe Rodriguez was quoted as saying that he intended his film to be a "translation" of the comic books, not an adaptation. I can only hope that the live-action Gantz is also a "translation."
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    Gantz Live Action Films Confirmed for 2011

    When I first started reading the manga, I noticed how that the chapters "read very quickly." So, for some time, I've felt that a live-action Gantz is doable. My vision for a complete adaptation might be a bit too costly, though, as I feel that Phase I should have two films. For example, the...
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    Is there a name for this?

    Thanks a lot, jdw!