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  1. Shounen Hajime no Ippo by Morikawa Jyoji

    Re: Stuck at chapter 755, cant find 756->760 "29 new files since last visit" and the last visit was just before posting, happy they have more uploaded now :) thx for the help *edit* o my, I might have really overlooked them aswell... o well thx anyway :S
  2. Shounen Hajime no Ippo by Morikawa Jyoji

    Hajime no Ippo - Where to find chapters? so I will start off by saying sorry, as I do not know if this is against the rules. I've checked mangatraders and mangadownload does not feature chapters over 755... also this forum's old r/t/s threads for HnI goes only down to 760, or was it 761 :/...