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  1. Discussion Natural Disasters: Do you have to deal with them?

    Unluckey for them, i live in Conneticut, yea nothing happens here.
  2. Chapter One Piece Volume 45 (ch431-440) Discussion

    Re: One Piece 434 Discussion Cool ending Ace see's black beard looks pissed defentaly going to destroy him, Ace wont die obvious he still has to meet Luffy + He's Ace. Shanks wants him to stay away from blackbeard, he is his friend after all. But whitebeard refuses so they fight i want to see...
  3. Hangout MH Seinen Hangout

    Re: Your favorite seinen (and why) Shamo- Just started it, a story about a 16 year old boy...blah blah, klls his parents goes to jail gets raped, learns selfdefence. Berserk-Tons of blood+Sex Gantz- Kei Kurono wins the story had great artistic categories. Vagabond- About a young man destined to...
  4. Theory Part 2 - What do you think will happen?

    Soner or later i predict in phase 2 Kurono will be revived and also "TiTs"
  5. Discussion What Manga Do You Read?

    Reading now- Slam Dunk Death Note One piece Naruto Bleach Vagabond Berserk Hajime no Ippo Eyeshield 21 Gantz