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    Page marimo- almost 5 years to finish, p. 9

    ...though i was not working on it continuously. it does have a few rough spots, but if i keep polishing it will never get finished. i saw the frame in mid 2006. i think the new theme colors reminded me of it. it took me twelve major attempts to get it to this point. i cleaned the lo-res raw...
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    kenpachi zaraki colored #298 pg10

    heh, well, considering it is all effects and almost no flat color, maybe i shouldn't have done so much work. but thanks, for the thanks.
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    kenpachi zaraki colored #298 pg10

    my first bleach coloring. i cleaned the raw source myself. the sword texture is from the image of an antique japanese sword, partially. usually he has white robes, but i thought the robe should be a bit coarser. hope you like. flying eye