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  1. Fantasy Jacob vs Lucy

    Jacob has thrown multiple hits after that melted knife and non of them could do any shit to Lucy lets not kid ourself Mashima wanted Natsu to interpret the fight do he needed a way for that even Natsu speech after that scene is so comical I don't know how ppl take that line form Jacob...
  2. Chapter One Piece Chapter 1016 Discussion

    A lot of chapters were lost on the whole Ulti/Page one and Nami/Ussop that it feels this is it for them for this arc. I Hope I’m wrong because what we saw of them was just running and more running. Even this chapter, finishing half dead ulti is not exactly an achievement. Hope Oda has more of...
  3. Discussion Lucy's Star Dress

    Aquarius x Scorpio looks fantastic I'm trying to forget the hideous one we got :s Hoping Mashima will change it
  4. Chapter Fairy Tail: 100YQ Chapter 57 Discussion

    I agree with you regarding the strauss sibling fight. Regarding lion median I think people focus too much on Elfman forgetting he is a Massive Tank. We know that Elfman lacks speed and attack power (since both his main fights in the series ended by exhausting his opponents rather than defeating...
  5. Chapter Fairy Tail: 100YQ Chapter 57 Discussion

    Not a big fan of the new SDM design but happy about its power output. Glad we got new thing from Lucy before giving the focus to gray. I see people are butthurt about lucy new attack and already trying to downplay it, not surprised though.
  6. Chapter Fairy Tail: 100YQ Chapter 55 Discussion

    Exactly don’t expect him to change his way of writing especially when he has another manga to focus on (Eden zero). We all want change in his writing, we all wants our fav to shine and be given spotlight. I like Lucy and if she is given a power up and major focus I will be happy but sometime...
  7. Chapter Fairy Tail: 100YQ Chapter 55 Discussion

    anyone who expect Lucy to defeat a dragon god is playing themself. Honestly Mashima had the whole manga to give Lucy some serious focus as the main heroine but he did not even though the celestial sprit magic and her ancestors where involved. Im not expecting anything to change in 100YQ, Natsu...
  8. Chapter Fairy Tail: 100YQ Chapter 54 Discussion

    Better to lower your expectations. it’s Mashima we are talking about here. for me I lost Hope 😂 don’t think he has any plan for her or gray. it’s clear who his favorite are.
  9. Chapter Fairy Tail: 100YQ Chapter 54 Discussion

    Lucy and gray group should have had more than one enemy, I feel there is a lot of strong Characters there that some will be pushed to the background. Most likely the one who will play major role are Gajeel and Gray. I feel Lucy and Mirajen will not get their time given Mashima history records...
  10. Fantasy Wendy vs. Lucy

    Again I’m not forcing you to think they have equal MP. In your opinion Wendy MP is more than Lucy and she can’t copy her, that’s fine. My point was about the usefulness of Gemini, that’s all
  11. Fantasy Wendy vs. Lucy

    I will not take about other people and everyone can interpret the manga as they want. as I said for Me Lucy and Wendy showings are similar even in the last arc both did their part and been a supportive unit (Lucy in her fight with Jacob and her showing against brandish), just the nature of...
  12. Fantasy Wendy vs. Lucy

    Whether Lucy can copy Wendy is up to how you scale both of their MP. Nothing definitive been shown in the manga that’s indicate one MP is more or less than the other and their portrayal is similar that’s why for me Lucy and Wendy are in the same tier with similar MP. If Lucy can copy Wendy...
  13. Fantasy Wendy vs. Lucy

    But Gemini is important if Lucy is fighting someone in her tier as she easily can make her opponents fight themselves + another spirit + herself If the opponent is someone stronger it does not matter. that’s the difference
  14. Fantasy Wendy vs. Lucy

    For me both Wendy and Lucy are in the same level. So it will be down to Gemini ( if he can copy Wendy) it’s Lucy wins by default in any one of the matchs. If not: 1: Lucy wins. 2: Tie (Wendy is faster but Lucy is more versatile but both lack power output expect Urano metoria). 3: Wendy takes...
  15. Discussion Human Mirajane runs the gauntlet

    she is not taking anyone without her magic. she stop at round 1 and will not clear it.