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  1. Psyren Volume 6 (ch045-053) Discussion

    Re: Psyren 49 Discussion / 50 Prediction Thread I think it was sped up bit in certain parts like i would have assumed that ageha and kids would be "tested" by the yakuza or sumtin, but nope, it was more like hey im friends with old lay, oh okay, peace out were' ganna go find him now with this...
  2. Psyren Volume 6 (ch045-053) Discussion

    Re: Psyren 49 Discussion / 50 Prediction Thread wait wat, what are the two wise generals? whom?
  3. Shounen Psyren by Iwashiro Toshiaki

    Re: Psyren mega convo thread hxh should get cancelled the speeding is noticeable, the conversations between them have been reduced and what they understand about each other is also less, character development is slowing down, one of them is definately going to die off to allow for more...
  4. Software Anti-Virus Programs.

    Re: spyware HELP ME solved it, gay malware
  5. Software Anti-Virus Programs.

    Re: spyware HELP ME OH wow ok thanks for the help but the MOST RANDOMEST THING JUST HAPPENED TO ME. I was using CDisplay reading some manga calmly and shit and then BAM BAM MBAMBMABM out of nowhere this random program pops out of nowhere called Antivirus XP2008, WTF i nvr DLED THAT, and it...
  6. Software Anti-Virus Programs.

    spyware HELP ME ok i usually never get anything but today i got the most randomest and probably annoying spyware ever. My wallpaper got raped, and when i went to right click to change it i only have access to three tabs the themes appearance and settings. My wallpaper is now something gay that...
  7. The Kawaru-Enishi Thread

    are u guys still alive?
  8. Question The “Looking For” Manga Thread

    Re: Help me find this one manga damn.... right on, good god ur good, how do u guys have the time to visit all the threads? especially cause its finals week, well for me it is, just got out of differentials have scans for it stopped? did CMX make peeps do it, cause i see on onemanga they say...
  9. Question The “Looking For” Manga Thread

    Help me find this manga i want to know if this one manga has gotten farther along in its scans because when i read it, it was really good but with few/non-frequent/differing groups/ scanning it I dont know about my description but this is from what i remember. A young girl whose normal...
  10. Time Shifters

    Re: Original Manga Time Shifters ok i dont get it, im not a subsriber to deviant art cause i think its the most unfriendly interface ever, but i can't even find ur manga, nothing shows in ur gallery wtf, and then why i try to see ur cover in full view it doesn't let me WTF how can i see it?
  11. Seinen The Ravages of Time (Manhua)

    oh good god, i had no idea this was still out, i loved this manga a while back and wasn't able to read more into it because no one ever scanned it, to think its as far as 200+ chapters, i was at the 13 marker
  12. Shounen [FEATURED] Hunter x Hunter

    Title: Hunter x Hunter Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Shounen Author: Yoshihiro Togashi Artist: Yoshihiro Togashi Publication: Shonen Jump Start Date: 1998 End Date: On-going but on a hiatus, again Number of chapters at review: 261 Number of chapters read by reviewer: 261 General...
  13. Language What Languages do you know?

    fluent Spanish and English, both first languages, and a spanish dialect of northern spain, Austuriano of the area Austurias
  14. Seinen Kilico by Kiba Koichi

    Re: [Manga Upload] Kilico Complete more people should read this, i think its a great manga I'd love to talk about the ending more though, its kinda strange
  15. Seinen Nijigahara Holograph by Asano Inio

    Re: Nijigahara Holograph by Mangascreener Im surprised this wasn't on lurk, i usually use lurk for my manga now-a-days but torrents are all good and well too. Is this the whole series or just the first volume? unless 74mb is the whole series Edit: Oh... good lord... this manga is amazing, and...