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    Chapter One Piece Volume 47 (ch450-459) Discussion

    Re: One Piece 454 Discussion The Colored Image Is WONDERFUL! *_* And Franky Is...SUPERRRR!!!
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    Discussion The Gecko Moria thread

    Maybe In My Humble Opinion The Same Gecko Is A Zombie Giant, Helped In Past By HogBack Who Resurrected Him [Who Belonged To The Shadow Used To Resurrect Him?]...In OP It's All Possible No? About The Matches I Posted My Opinions In The 451 Thread.
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    Discussion Romance in OP

    Don'T Take Me For Crazy But I Think That The Best Relationships Could Be : Luffy & Nami Usopp & Kaya Franky & Robin Zoro & Tashigi Chopper Will Find A Female Reindeer And Sanji Will Be Alone For The Rest Of His Life Because Of He Is OP Casanova! XD
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    Discussion Discussion of Bounties in One Piece

    Re: Talk of bounties in OP, and talk of the shinchibukai IMHO Maybe Oda Has Subdivided The Shichiibukai For Every Their Peculiarity Sir.Crocodile : Logia User DoFlamingo : Possible Paramisha User Kuma Bartholomew : Possibile Zoan User MiHawk : SwordMan Jinbe : FishMan GeckoMoria ...