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  1. FMA Volume 19 Discussion (Chapters 74-78)

    Re: Chapter 74 Predictions umm......what does the cover say? I can't read japanese yet.
  2. Old Discussion/Prediction Threads

    Re: Tsubasa 159 Predictions Thread sorry to put a random question in the discussion, but I just recently started reading Tsubasa. When/ how frequently do the chapters come out?
  3. FMA Movie - Conqueror of Shambala

    I found it in english while using the video search. I think it was on a myspace video account. Happy hunting! It would still be good of you to buy it though, so why not ebay???
  4. FMA Volume 18 Discussion (Chapters 70-73)

    Re: Chapter 72 Predictions I know!!! He's no longer the fullmetal runt! this changes the whole plotline of the story...;) And yeah that whole cliffhanger with scar having winry "hostage"...anyone else feel that he's really helping them out and that is just part of the plan to get winry...
  5. FMA Volume 18 Discussion (Chapters 70-73)

    Re: Chapter 71 Predictions I so agree that Kimbley could be a homunculus. I was actually thinking about that myself last week when I reread the last few chapters! The possibilies are definately there, seeing as kimbley had two stones with him, one of which was the half liquid one, and with that...
  6. Movie Naruto Shippūden: The Movie - SUB OUT!

    Re: Naruto: Shippūden the Movie I can't believe that Naruto's supposed to die in this movie!!!! Where will they be in animating the Manga plotline by then? The Current Suigetsu arc?
  7. The truth...behind the truth...behind the truth???

    Ok, so I think its pretty much understood that Ed takes Marcoh's message ("The truth behind the truth") to mean that humans are used to make the philosophers stone, and now that the whole of Amestris is being used for one huge version of that. But what I want to know is if Marcoh was actually...
  8. Who is Pride?

    Wow! Good insight Allashandra! I'd never even thought of that option...
  9. FMA Volume 17 Discussion (Chapters 66-69)

    Re: Chapter 69 Discussion Thanks for getting the raws up! I am always so anxious for a new chapter every month, and I can kinda not tell what they're saying and whats happening, but not 100%. Can't wait for the trans. so I can really know whats going on! :p