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    Shoujo Lovenista by Kayono

    Re: [Request] Lovenista by Kayono This manga is so coool :wtf I hope someone scanlates it :love :love
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    Chapter 281 Bleach Discussion

    Re: 281 Bleach Predictions hehe sorry..:tem well here is my prediction: theyll fight and ichigo is gonna learn some new technique thatll help him more than the 11 seconds thing :o and he surprises grimmjow (who doesnt he surprise:darn ). then maybe he'll kill of grimmjow and THEN...
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    Chapter 281 Bleach Discussion

    Re: 281 Bleach Predictions :amuse i liked this chapter maybe a 2 out of FRIGGIN 10!! :mad i mean cmonn kubo, make ichigo pull out some new tricks from a bag! or if not , send him back home to grow some REAL BALLS :s hes the same as before wen he fought grimmjow! where is this going? suree...
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    Chapter Bleach 278 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 278 Predictions i think that orihime will somehow stop the fight by turning herself back in instead of going to earth with ichigo and ulquiorra will prolly snitch on grimmjow. if not , then he'll fight grimmjow! :D [hr] quit talking about "before" and look at her now. shes...
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    Chapter 275 Discussion [Bleach]

    Re: 275 Predictions [Bleach] wait so the spoilers for ch 274 was wrong? cuz grimmjow didnt tell inoue to revive those girls but inoue did it on her own free will. he just told her to heal her messed up face. right??