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    Discussion The Bleach After Party Thread

    Hi chire! :D Bittersweet. Bleach was one of the first mangas I read and started Editing and now it's done. I'm far removed from the community but I always kept reading Naruto and Bleach, and now they're both gone ;_;
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    Shounen Psyren by Iwashiro Toshiaki

    So, has anybody been buying the English volumes? Aside from some names being different than what the translators gave it (Dholaki - Dolkey, Melchsee - Melzez), it's not bad. Volume 4 just released.
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    Psyren 145 - The FINAL DISCUSSION

    Did anybody think that Bleach's latest chapter kinda reminds you of Psyren? Aside from the whole card with similar design to Psyren's, Ichigo now...
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    Psyren 145 - The FINAL DISCUSSION

    OH NO U DI'INT! Anyway, I liked the ending even though I would've loved it to continue just a bit further so it would have time to delve into other issues. Good riddance.
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    Discuss Psyren's Cancellation/Ending

    You're welcome. I joined Binktopia and brought Psyren with me (when it was at chapter 3). In fact, that was the only reason why I joined them, so they (thatbabo) would do Psyren :D But then life took over, and people got bored (me), and it was moved around until people called it quits. Now I...
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    Psyren 144 Discussion / 145 Prediction

    Re: Psyren 144 Spoiler Discussion If that spoiler is correct, maybe this should've been the last chapter. I'm emotionally fucked now :cookiestare
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    Fastest Edited Manga Group?

    Binktopia~ LoL
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    Viz is adding Psyren to the magazine

    No mention of it anywhere on their site. Anyway, I'll stick to buying the actual volume, not the magazine.
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    Psyren 140 Discussion / 141 Prediction

    Re: Psyren 140 Spoiler Discussion What manga are you reading? If anything, it means that it's about to end. We were very close to the final fight, but instead we got to see how the world ends/would've ended. Now they jump back in time to stop that fate and have that final fight. At most, it...
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    Psyren has been licensed by Viz

    Any news on this? I googled around and found some sites to where you can pre-order. Just wondering because there's only a few sites. Gonna hold off from pre-ordering hoping that Amazon picks this up so I can do free-shipping with prime and use some giftcards :) It also seems like they're gonna...
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    Psyren in Akamaru Jump

    The red pages and the single grey page have already been translated. They're somewhere in Binktopia's releases.
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    Psyren 131 Discussion / 132 Prediction

    Re: Psyren 131 Spoiler Discussion The only thing that led to this confusion was some asswipe who changed it on Wikipedia because he felt like it. It's a male. And since you mentioned your boob size... I'll be the judge of that. Pics please :D Anyway, we know for sure that this won't be the...
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    Football 2010 FIFA World Cup

    Just give us the cup, we all know who is gonna win at the end. <----------
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    Seinen Vinland Saga by Makoto Yukimura

    Re: Vinland Saga Hangout Thread This manga needs to be licensed -_- I am tired of waiting for a licensing announcement for this manga :( 2 of my favorites mangas are already licensed. Gantz and Psyren. If this one were to get licensed, I can die in peace :) Even though I haven't read it since...
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    The Fourth Psi ability

    Re: The Fourth Psi ability [SPOILER TALK] We should be happy that it wasn't Ageha who showed us and told us about nova (as far as we know, maybe MD is a nova-psi attack). It would've been way too fucking cliche.