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    Chapter Fairy Tail: 100YQ Chapter 61 Discussions

    I thought I had already posted my opinion of the chapter. I must say that I really liked it, Aldoron continues to show a lot of power but something tells me that what we see is not the real power of the Dragon God, since we remember that he was still recovering from his fight against...
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    Discussion The Official Relationship/Pairing/Shipping Thread

    The current Saga I feel that it has focused more on showing other couples, such as what is the JeRza, the GruVia and part of the GaJeevy because we know that when this saga ends, these couples for professional reasons will have to be temporarily separated, since Juvia is not part of the mission...
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    Discussion Lucy's Star Dress

    I would like that in the current manga they give Lucy space for a saga of her own where she can show off all the skills of the Stardress, both normal and Mix. It would be interesting if you could also create Stardress based on the Chinese Zodiac, if the possibilities would be impressive if they...
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    Discussion Fairy Tail Game

    I already bought my Deluxe version for pre-sale, although the Tax Law of my country stuck with me a lot. Let's see what the gameplay is like, I was always very fond of RPGs
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    Chapter Fairy Tail: 100YQ Chapter 60 Discussions

    I am liking how this part of the Saga is getting, but I think that the factor of being published every 14 days greatly affects the number of pages per chapter, since it makes it feel somewhat heavy and slow (in a weekly format I think what would feel more dynamic) Brandish's Power is quite...
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    Edens Zero Chapter 101 Spoilers & Discussion

    I had not commented, but something tells me that this new saga will be very interesting. do not know but I think Rebecca's Gear caused a change in the line of events, but in this line Connor is still in his ship as Captain and not in the space abandoned to his barracks, in addition, in a...
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    Edens Zero Chapter 100 Spoilers & Discussion

    I must say that chapter 100 was very interesting. It is a good closing for the saga that existed but it made me have a few strange theories. For example, what if the field of Asteroids they saw in world 29 are the remains of a recently destroyed world and that caused Connor to be expelled from...
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    Chapter Fairy Tail: 100YQ Chapter 59 Discussion

    The problem is the format of every fourteen days of publication, that format makes it feel too slow, it would help if it were weekly so as to advance quickly in the saga and be able to offer longer fights.
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    Chapter Fairy Tail: 100YQ Chapter 59 Discussion

    It does not look bad, Jellal had a complete chapter for him, remember that it is common that the fights in FT do not last long and here what affected is that there were so many characters that did not give time for these fights to be very long if they want to advance more , is the problem of the...
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    Chapter Fairy Tail: 100YQ Chapter 58 Discussion

    Sometimes what has to be read ... Lucy is a good character, she has had her moments in the original Manga and thanks to her, she has saved the world 3 times. Saying that it doesn't matter because it's not powerful is a fallacy, since it really matters because many times, his fights with her...
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    Chapter Fairy Tail: 100YQ Chapter 58 Discussion

    If Gajeel becomes Giant to face Aldoron, we would have a King Gajeel Kong vs Aldoronzilla. If it is true what they say about the Aquarius key? Well the same with the translation we will know, also with Jellal it seems that he is just going to start fighting, I would like to see him face his...
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    Chapter Fairy Tail: 100YQ Chapter 58 Discussion

    I find it interesting. To wait for the Translation, but at least we already knew that Metro had considered him a Weak God who depended on his invocations and by not using one to defend himself, he could be defeated by the Unison Raid, which if seeing Brandish again glad, but ... Is she going...
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    Info Hiro Mashima's & Atsuwo Ueda's Twitter

    I did not understand these tweets well, is Hiro Mashima organizing an Online Autograph firm? And if so, will they be available to everyone?
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    Chapter Fairy Tail: 100YQ Chapter 57 Discussion

    I really liked the chapter. I liked Lucy's Star Dress Mix with Scorpio and Aquarius, although I remembered the HulkBuster in the arms and legs. The same, if it seems more exhausted than with that of Leo and Virgo, I think it is more because she has been fighting for a long time and she does not...
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    Chapter Fairy Tail: 100YQ Chapter 57 Discussion

    I have the feeling that some are putting aside a lot of things in favor of trying to demean the abilities of characters like Lucy. At first, I don't think she collapsed because that Stardress consumed her more power than the previous one, but let's remember that she had already been fighting...