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  1. // Naruto Manga Ch364 Pg16 \\ *Panel And Other*

    wow so cool o_o.....u make me wanna color too XDD......but it's not as simple as just saying it *siiiigh* T____T
  2. 364.Cover.HQ

    Woooww awesome, me likes "cleanliness" of it :thumbs (almost makes me wanna give a try at coloring it.... xD;;;.........tho I have not the slightest clue even where to begin xDDD....oh well, who knows, I just might :P) also liked ur chap 363 Page16 :D I haven't seen Equilibrium, only the...
  3. Sig Giveaways!

    err....rite...apparently "sumone" :eyeroll stole da sig I asked for dibs on first (on oct 26th to be more precise...), so forget it..... :notrust
  4. Sig Giveaways!

    oooh!! I never saw this thread :blinkWow I wish I could do effects like that too o_O Can I have the sasuke green one? =oo (lol I've been here for a while, but I didn't thought I'd ever register xDD)