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  1. Art A TG Comic

    I died because of the great work and the laughs I got from this but Soon, I will die a second time, along with the re cast :emocat
  2. Chapter Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 66 Discussion/67 Predictions

    I think we'll get Urie vs Ayato soon, it is kinda far fetched but both of them look incredibly similar to their fathers at the end of the chapter.
  3. Chapter Tokyo Ghoul:re 58 Discussion / 59 Predictions

    Re: Tokyo Ghoul:re 58 Spoilers Seems like Touka and Yomo were not doing nothing these 2 last years, just look at the size of of these crystals of their ukaku, they're quite huge. With Uries will to get Shirazu back, I would not be suprised if he gets captured by Aogiri so Kanou can do...
  4. Chapter Tokyo Ghoul:re 55 Discussion / 56 Predictions

    Just keep in mind that Kaneki drew "a ghoul" in the first volume of TG + Eto said that the power of a kagune is based on RC level and ones creativity.
  5. Info Ishida's Twitter

    Re: alize the One Eyed Ghoul Furuta looks quite calm, I wonder how many times his "sadistic" side will come through, im suprised about his haircolor. Joker-Kaneki reminds me of the 16 years old Arima + Kakugan and emotions~
  6. Info Imperial Scans drops Tokyo Ghoul: re

    Bye Bye Imperialscans, we had an amazing time with you. :s And its good that they accept their limits, I don't want more people in this crazy anime and manga world that get psychosis because of overworking. Best wishes for what might come for these great persones that delivered one of the...
  7. Discussion Hide and his lying habit!

    "Listen, Hide, I... dont appreciate HOW YOU LIE TO ME RIGHT IN THE FACE. *nomp nomp buurp*"
  8. Theory The Sources of Kaneki's powers

    First I laughed at the Noro-father idea, then I realized its not that far catched. :blink I mean, Ishida doesn't show us things for no reason Remember the part at yamoris torture, where Kaneki talked about his father? Thats right, bones...
  9. Discussion Your Quinque/Kagune (and Poll about favorite Kagune-category)

    Because we had the "Who would you be?"-thread by IXA recently, I thought about making a thread about your ideas about Quinques or Kagunes you would like to see/have on/as a tokyo ghoul character. Feel free to post your "blueprints" below :^_^
  10. Chapter Tokyo Ghoul:re 49 Discussion / 50 Predictions

    Re: Toky Ghoul:re 49 Discussion / 50 Predictions Im really, REALLY shocked after reading this chapter now. I mean, its Tokyo Ghoul/Ishida Sensei we're talking about but I never thought these fights would go crazy bloody like that. :gwah Just my thoughts about this chapter: -Saikos Kagune =...
  11. Chapter Tokyo Ghoul:re 49 Discussion / 50 Predictions

    Re: Toky Ghoul:re 49 Spoilers looks at all the new spoiler pics Say again, that TG:Re is less "brutal" then TG~ :hee
  12. Chapter Tokyo Ghoul:re 46 Discussion / 47 Predictions

    Re: Tokyo Ghoul:re 46 Spoilers I seriously feel bad for the Tsukiyama family now, all they wanted was to live a life in human society. :s Also, I hope we got some development of the Washuus past regarding the Rosenwald/Tsukiyama-familys in the following weeks.
  13. Chapter Tokyo Ghoul:re 43 Discussion / 44 Predictions

    Re: Tokyo Ghoul:re 43 Spoilers I think it looks to much like "TRUE" to be a coincidence.
  14. Chapter Tokyo Ghoul:re 42 Discussion

    Re: Tokyo Ghoul:re 42 Spoilers is... is that Kanae in the bed? This panel with that person in the bed and that kagune-...THING in their faces is just creepy PLEASE ME TOO.
  15. Chapter Tokyo Ghoul:re 41 Discussion/42 Predictions

    Re: Tokyo Ghoul:re 41 Spoiler Thread The "merging" progress of Haise/Sasaki is pretty obvios now I think. We have the calm, caring haise after the fight and the other panel showed us the white haired monster in the fight. I like it :pleased