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  1. Discussion Thoughts on the Dragon and Demon seeds?

    The way I see it going is the antibodies the Dragons provided for the slayers leave the seeds in a dormant stage, so they will not turn into dragons under the circumstances that happened to Irene. However, with Natsu's problem the demon seed will fuse with the dragon seed and possibly reactivate...
  2. Chapter Fairy Tail 516 Discussion / 517 Predictions - CHAPTER THIS WEEK ~16th JAN

    Now that Irene is part of Wendy, and Grandene(however you spell her dragon's name) is not, doesn't it mean she can technically speed up the growth of the Dragon Seed inside of Wendy, making her a dragon?
  3. Chapter Fairy Tail 516 Discussion / 517 Predictions - CHAPTER THIS WEEK ~16th JAN

    I get what Irene was doing, she was losing the fight against Erza and Wendy so she naturally had to transfer her being to keep fighting for Zeref. However, it wasn't exactly the best strategy, one of the strongest members of the Spriggan Twelve, and the Queen of Dragons, transferring herself...
  4. Chapter Fairy Tail 489 Discussion / 490 Predictions

    I have a feeling that Dimaria clicking her teeth is her trying to stop time so she can fix everything, but she fails because she's got the magic handcuff things on.
  5. Chapter Fairy Tail 487 Discussion / 488 Predictions

    I feel as if August is the King of Magic right? Shouldn't he have some kind of magic which lets him predict future events, if so, him absorbing Serena's Magic makes sense, he knows what Irene is going to do, so he feels as though he should make himself Achnologia's target, to protect his comrades.
  6. Chapter Fairy Tail 487 Discussion / 488 Predictions

    I have just thought of a get out clause for Mashima here, if August did absorb God Serena's power, that would make August technically a dragon slayer too, and guess who doesn't like Dragon Slayers, and is presumably on August's level...
  7. Chapter Fairy Tail 485 Chapter Discussion / 486 Predictions

    Here's my theory on the "Fourth Guest" title. Irene says something like "Oh, a Fourth Guest has arrived" at the end of the chapter, probably in the second last page, to lead right into the reveal of this fourth guest. Before I get to that, let me give my 2 cents on who the other 3 guests are...
  8. Discussion Spriggan 12 General Thread

    Here are my Spriggan rank predictions alongside my ideas for their magics, and who their "main" fight will be with for the arc(Might still have minor fights- Like Ajeel & Erza) ~ 1) August. Multiple Magics(He is the King of Magic after all...). It looks like Warrod could fight him, but I...