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  1. Ichigo's Development

    Re: Ichigo's Black Hollow Mask [280Spoilers] Can someone bring some comparison pictures?
  2. Favorites Who's your favorite Bleach character?

    1. Kurosaki Isshin 2. Hitsugaya Toushiro 3. Kuchiki Rukia 4. Zangetsu 5. Hollow Ichigo "Hichigo"
  3. Should I read manga after watch OP anime?

    What are you talking about? DBZ had lots of filler, for example the garlic junior arc and Gohan's training with Piccolo... Not as much filler as anime today though.
  4. Should I read manga after watch OP anime?

    I recommend reading the manga and following the anime too, so you don't miss out on anything. When you're up to the newest chapter and episode, it isn't hard to follow both. EDIT: BTW, the anime story is pretty much the same, except for filler and the Davy back fight arc. The One Piece anime...
  5. who should die?

    Heck, Oda rarely kills his villains, I doubt he'll get rid of a main character, which he sort-of already did with Vivi. I don't really think any of them will die. Only time can tell. Oh Wait, I know who'll die: All of them... eventually anyway... when they're really old... they'll...
  6. The Official Uchiha Sasuke Thread

    Re: Does Sasuke Have a Weakness? What is It? Earth-type techniques...
  7. Country Iceland

    Hi! I'm Hawkuro and would like to teach you Icelandic.. Well, the basics anyway, if I have the time and someone who is interested. Also: Ef það eru einhverjir Íslendingar hérna, endilega látið mig vita :-) Oh and if anyone wants anything translated to or from Icelandic, I'd be happy to help...
  8. Scandinavian Community - Vikinger, kom sammen!

    Re: The ULTIMATE Scandinavian Hang-Out place Eh-heh-heh... Sænskan er flókin...
  9. Whats Hidden Under That Ctrl+V - [Fun Thread]

    [center][b][color=green]And under my ctrl+v lies... *drumroll*
  10. Discussion Discussion of Bounties in One Piece

    Re: Talk of bounties in OP, and talk of the shinchibukai Then again, Arlong was bribing the marines.
  11. Discussion Devil Fruit Discussion Thread

    I agree with jairdan6 but you never know, after all, it´s One Piece...
  12. Discussion Devil Fruit Discussion Thread

    There was a difference, Chacka´s fruit´s full name is: Inu Inu no Mi: Model Jackal and the gun´s fruit was called Inu Inu no Mi: Model Dachshund. These are Zoan type fruits and many Zoan fruits have sub-fruits, or different 'Models'.
  13. Discussion Devil Fruit Discussion Thread

    That would be kinda cool, and it´s not taken. Ofcourse, then it would also be able to create some nature elements right? (Say, it could turn into a giant wooden sword for example.)
  14. OS Mac? Windows? Linux?

    I use Windows mainly because it´s compatible with just about any application out there, But I´d like to try Mac sometime, Leopard looks shiny.
  15. Which Next-Gen console do you intend to have?!

    First the Wii, then possibly the PS3 if prices drop...