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  1. Cleaning Manga auto cleaning program

    hmmm I couldn't get it to work on vista, it wouldn't save. might be my version of JRE, I'll try XP.
  2. The Basement Scans Thread

    on how we can do a better scan.
  3. The Vongola Scans Thread!

    hi guys
  4. The Basement Scans Thread

    MIA = Missing in action. got any tips for us hatsuharupeace?
  5. The Basement Scans Thread

    my favorite manga's are the shonen trinity claymore and fairy tail. Bleach number 1, then One Piece Claymore and Fairy tail. We normally do weekly releases, and try to get it out as soon as possible, one of my team is MIA. I am looking at other series but the problem is finding translations...
  6. The Basement Scans Thread

    we do requests as well.
  7. The Basement Scans Thread

    Hi, Currently active Cleaners and Typesetter and Translators. random - OP|Bleach|DGM night_wolf_in - OP|Bleacho Digital Jester - OP|D-Gray Man (status currently out of action) w.BT SDK atm and OP now and then. We grab the raw and translations for here, then produce our...