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    Chapter Berserk Chapter 364 Spoilers & Discussion

    That's one hell of a cliffhanger.....RIP Miura
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    Chapter DGM Chapter 241 Spoilers and Discussion -Next Chapter in July-

    My theory about the Black Order being the true villians are getting closer to be real. What if they the ones who is controlling everything behind the scenes including the Noah's and Earl.
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    Chapter Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 319 Discussion

    What if the traitor is the rat principal and the school was a trap!?
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    Chapter Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 317 Discussion

    Deku is making the same mistakes All Might made in his prime, pushing everyone away for the sake of safety.
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    Discussion DGM Chapter 239 Spoilers and Discussion -Next Chapter Out in January-

    The black order is becoming really shady and innocents are not so innocent.
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    Discussion DGM Chapter 236 Spoilers and Discussion - Next Chapter Out in April-

    I'm getting the feelings that the black order and the Heart are the ones who started the war and manipulate the Earl and the Noah's. Past Allen is someone thats knows what really going on but got his memories sealed and if remove will be Hugh threat to the order.
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    Chapter Nanatsu no Taizai Chapter 341 Discussion

    Is the series over yet?
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    Chapter Shingeki no Kyojin 121 Chapter Discussion

    I think Eren did saw the whole memory but wanted Zeke to think he saw partial and they father really on Eren side.
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    Black Clover Chapter 182 Discussion/183 Predictions

    maybe we will know what really happened in the past because this chapter share some clues about that ancient pact between the two races.
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    Chapter Shingeki no Kyojin Chapter 111 Discussion / 112 Predictions

    Now I'm worried about Hange and Pixie, they might of drink the wine. With Marley on the island and spying on them, the worst has yet to come.
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    Yakusoku no Neverland Chapter 102 Discussion/103 Predictions

    we are entering the endgames boys and girls!!
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    Chapter Berserk 357 Discussions/358 Predictions

    I believe Griffith is going to use that stone circle to invade the elf island.
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    Chapter Shingeki no Kyojin Chapter 108 Discussion / 109 Predictions

    This is probably a long ass con by Eren to fool Zeke to help Paradise, to do that he have to treated as a traitor. Eren doesn't trust Zeke at all but need him to achieve victory, he wanted know his brother true motive and be ready for that revelations.
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    Black Clover Chapter 166 Discussion/167 Predictions

    prison I guess or afterlife probably, revenge begets revenge.