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    On Break One Piece Chapter 1025 Discussion

    Man, I can't wait too😵
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    Chapter One Piece Chapter 1022 Discussion

    It's still act 3. The stuff u say about tension, stakes.... Every thing will roll up quickly I believe. Believe in oda. When has he ever put put up an arc without actual stakes on the line for luffy and co. Wano's gonna be so huge that after its done it will be the best arc in the series in my...
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    Chapter One Piece Chapter 1021 Discussion

    I really believe oda is trolling us with Momo's aging. Oda clearly reads and sees the theories we put out. He only draw things that he think, that impacts the story. Aging momo may or may not be in his actual canon plot. We will see in the later chapters then, whether it's an actual thing or oda...
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    Chapter One Piece Chapter 1020 Discussion

    I would love to see the fight between Robin and Maria continue, but in the context we are getting, I think it will be done in 1020. All flying six are "Down" , so it seems, but I don't think so. I think oda's gonna flex like crazy with in a few chapters, as I see the flashback incoming for...
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    I absolutely loveeeeee one piece. It's been on my mind since I got into it that I need to create...

    I absolutely loveeeeee one piece. It's been on my mind since I got into it that I need to create a series of my own. Iam working and learning on creating manga. And iam doing fine. Lets gooooo, and I hope everyone will be here till the end of our captains journey and beyond.... 😁
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    Chapter One Piece Chapter 1016 Discussion

    Yeahhhhhhh. Yamato for strawhats.... It's been on my mind since 984. I hope he really does join luffy. Plus, tama has been getting her moments left and right in the 1000's, wow. I can't wait for the actual fight though, between yamato and kaido. I hope he stalls kaido till luffy comes back... We...
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    Chapter One Piece Chapter 1015 Discussion

    Wow... Just wow. Oda is really playing with theorists here😂😂. U can't even guess what happens next if the chapters are like these. Momo goes down, yamato vs kaido incoming(?or does someone else comes up too), Sanji vs Queen, Law & kid vs big mom, nami gets zues (Her own version, without bigmom's...