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  1. Coloring [MEOW]COLOR ALBUM The 8th Term~Merry Christmas~

    wow,this is brilliant! i'm sooo in love with the backgrounds style,id it photoshop you're guys using? oh andi have to contribute to these!
  2. Page Chapter 515 - The joint shinobi army double page!

    thanks all guys :)
  3. Page Chapter 515 - The joint shinobi army double page!

    took me a while,but,i guess it's worth it!
  4. Cover The Naruto Coverz Project Thread!

    Cover of 511 :) i hope that the topic will be updated soon :D
  5. Discussion 2011 Naruto's best and worst moments

    Re: 2010 Naruto's best and worst moments Best moments: Sasuke vs Raikage,well it's not exactely moment but a full fight xD i realy enjoyed it! Worst moments: Konan's death T_T. Sakura whining to Sai when she knew that naruto loves her.
  6. Fan Art Boom HEAD SHOT?

    hahaha boom headshot? xD anyway,great coloring :P
  7. Panel Seven swordsmen of Kiri+ one of the swordsmen kishimaru

    Hey guys! i decided to join and share my art in MangaHelpers from now on,so,i'll add 2 new colorings i made,hope you guys will like them! ^^ all 7 swordsmen:=> Kuriarare kushimaru :=>...
  8. Question why can't i create my art gallery in art section?

    Hello,i tried 2 times to post my own gallery at and i couldn't,i created a new thread and everything,but as soon as i create it,it said you need to wait,but it's been like a month and the thread hasn't been created,anyone has an idea?
  9. taka vs hachibi

    taka vs hachibi

    an old coloring,forgot to upload :P my DA:
  10. good puch :P

    good puch :P

    it's an old work and i forgot to upload it,my DA:
  11. raikage attack! by yaminokuni

    raikage attack! by yaminokuni

    my DA:
  12. fire vs hatred by yaminokuni

    fire vs hatred by yaminokuni

    my DA:
  13. sasuke!susanoo appears

    sasuke!susanoo appears

    i hope you guys like it as much as i do my DA: