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  1. Chapter Magi 328 Discussion/ 329 Predictions

    No, Duniya ended up like burnt stick and Cassim was able to be left in Alibaba's body as white ruhk, but that's not the point. The point is they had to change their mind and agree to Solomon's idea in order to become white and accepted by what's right in Solomon's terms again. But wasn't being...
  2. Chapter Magi 328 Discussion/ 329 Predictions

    But Orochi, you're forgetting a lot of innocent people like young Duniya and Gois in Magnoshadt who did no harm to anyone fell into depravity. Killing innocent people and being punished for it is good, but Solomon punishes not who did wrong things like Jamil and Madora but who thought wrong...
  3. Chapter Magi 328 Discussion/ 329 Predictions

    See, being in the great flow means when you die, your soul goes back to the flow and reincarnate.(And don't tell me to prove it because it means you didn't read the manga properly) Solomon stripped the ruhk from Il Illah and made it work on Salomon's own will, and only let people who he sees...
  4. Chapter Magi 328 Discussion/ 329 Predictions

    Huh? Aladin said over and over through the manga that falling into depravity means getting kicked out of the great flow:-_- It's stated in night 194 that the souls who died in depravity can never go back to to great flow, which mean they can't reincarnate. Anyway, come to think of it falling...
  5. Chapter Magi 328 Discussion/ 329 Predictions

    So Solomon's like 'OK you can think and do whatever you want', but when people does things what Solomon thinks wrong, he just kicks them out. That's definitely irresponsibility. I don't think Aladin can argue against this, nor Ohtaka is willing to. What's really flawed about Solomon's world is...
  6. Chapter Magi 328 Discussion/ 329 Predictions

    Nah Aladin wasn't able to make any valid objection except looking mad and biting his lips:cheez
  7. Chapter Magi 328 Discussion/ 329 Predictions

    Interesting. Sinbad pointed out the fact that there was no free will in Solomon's world too. The thing is, while Aladin says all the great things about free will he doesn't understand what it really means. In Aladin's world free will only means accepting their destiny as it is and moving ahead...
  8. Discussion Alibaba Saluja discussion thread.

    And he cutted Hakuryuu's legs off, like Kouen's good little puppy.
  9. Chapter Magi 326 Discussion/ 327 Predictions

    Please:mono Sinbad is better than that.
  10. Chapter Magi 326 Discussion/ 327 Predictions

    So this was what Ohtaka was planning for the wedding, Mor dumping Alibaba because of.... what? There's still few pages left out to be uploaded, so we'll have to wait to know why, although I've got a feeling that explanation is planned for next week.
  11. Chapter Magi 326 Discussion/ 327 Predictions

    Mor dumped Ali.
  12. Chapter Magi 325 Discussion/ 326 Predictions

    David is now Sinbad's magi:derp
  13. Spoiler Magi Spoiler Archive

    David realizes that he's been only a stepping stone for the greater singularity to become god, and now his role is over. But then Sinbad pops up out of nowhere and recruits David, tellling David he'll lead him to a world he's never imagined. So... David took his hand, and he is now Sinbad's...
  14. Spoiler Magi Spoiler Archive

    A bit of lines to help you understand Ugo tells David he's become an overgod/god's god/higher god, and he achieved that by 'observing god from inside the box'. Ugo keeps the jellyfishDavid in a fish tank and enjoys happy time with Arba. However, he questions how Sinbad was able to get through...