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  1. The Data Book (In japanese)

    Shinji: I know that in the manga the only important things are Japanese players, i never say if in Road to 2002 says something, i said if in the Data Book, where we have info about characters in the time Road to 2002 happends, said something. Now i know that the french page was wrong... and is...
  2. The Data Book (In japanese)

    It´s not VERY important, i only want to know, in a French page says that Pascal plays in another club, maybe this Data Book can tell me if this is true, if Diaz is playing in the same club and if the creator of the manga still knows that a Argentine player exist...
  3. The Data Book (In japanese)

    No no, you´re confused, a club in Argentina is named Argentinos Jr., and it´s the first club where Diego Maradonna played, it´s obviously that he can´t change his national team.
  4. The Data Book (In japanese)

    I understand, thanks for scan it. Only a simple question, like you can see in my name, i´m from Argentina, can you tell me where is playing Juan Diaz and Alan Pascal in the Road to 2002 manga? i think they played in Argentinos Jr. but for Road to 2002 maybe they change.
  5. The Data Book (In japanese)

    Hey, someone have the scans of this Data Book for foreign players data in Road to 2002? if not, someone knows the info in that part??