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    Long Running Fairy Tail

    yeah, it seems like avatar going to end this upcoming episode, and
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    Chapter Fairy Tail Spin-offs

    waiting for the English translation, from what I can understand RN it looks for me a little bit like a kind of weird rewrite for the main manga. And Idk if I like this or not.
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    Spoiler Fairy Tail Old Spoiler Archive

    chapter is out
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    Discussion Whats One Thing in Fairy Tail You Can't rewatch?

    Ichiya & Nichiya VS Bacchus & Rocker
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    Chapter Fairy Tail 520 Discussion/521 Predictions

    am i the only one who disappointment of the spoilers here? I mean... I excepted END to finally start take action. and I was preatty hype for this chapter when i saw his title... But the Demon seed and the Dragon seed were both destoyed? there`s no way that they were really destroyed... I think...
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    Discussion Fairy Tail Second Movie "Dragon Cry"

    source: the site for the movie
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    Chapter Fairy Tail 507 Discussion / 508 Prediction Thread

    I didn`t excepted for Jellal and Midnight (and maybe there`s more CS members with them idx) to fight August... I don`t think that all of them can even do something to August. but... i hope that the fight will be at least intersting. and now about Irene. OH GOD. "I AM YOU. YOU ARE ME."?! so can...
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    Chapter Fairy Tail 506 Discussion / 507 Prediction

    i never thought of this, too... and now only the remaining members of the twelve are left and Zeref himself (from Alvarez)... but still even with universe one, i can`t see how did Erza got there before Lucy or Juvia. Zeref will be like: OHGOD finally. Natsu come here quick and kill me with some...
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    Chapter Fairy Tail 506 Discussion / 507 Prediction

    im back after a very long time ~ i think that this is for the best that Erza stopped their fight.because if it was for Lucy\Juvia maybe one of them would calm down a bit, but the other wasn`t and they were still fighting. now, in the middle of a war it isn`t the right time to those shitty...
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    Long Running Fairy Tail

    no, this is about the upcoming OVAs.
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    Chapter Fairy Tail 498 Discussion / 499 Predictions

    so now is going to be Gray Vs Juvia... huh? this is an interesting turn of events, i guess that Inval` goal is that they will kill each other. i hope Hiro will not ruin this and let Gray almost kill Juvia and then the ice sleeping will be lifted somehow and will be some touching Gruvia moment.