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  1. Discussion What the untold history of bleach could be?

    I'd bet that it started out as feuding clans but Yamamoto allied with the laid back shiba, kicked so much ass on his own that having the shiba on his side united other clans and eventually he got the loyalty of the clans that bow to the strongest. The only ones left were the prim and proper...
  2. Hangout Claymore FanFic Manga

  3. Hangout Claymore FanFic Manga

    Could you post each chapter that you do separately in a comment stickied to the top?
  4. Chapter Bleach 583 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 583 Spoiler Discussion What does "Getsuga Juujishou" mean?
  5. Chapter Naruto 652 Discussion / 653 Predictions

    You know that you've crossed over into whiny emo territory when you get Shinji Ikari'd.
  6. Question Is Mugen Tsukuyomi really all that bad?

    The way I see it is that it's something like the christian heaven. Everyone gets the paradise they want, the limited tsukiyomi changed things and made them a shared experience for sakura and naruto but in the full tsukiyomi they'd get their own heaven.
  7. Question Is Mugen Tsukuyomi really all that bad?

    I'd have more respect for Naruto if he had a sane plan for getting all of the people who control the elements to manipulate farmland and the earth so there's a mountain sized skyscraper where everyone can have a large home, all the food they can eat and using ninja arts to end...
  8. Chapter Gantz 379 Discussion/380 Prediction Thread

    To show that the potential end of the world won't phase douchebag trolls.
  9. Chapter Bleach 529 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 529 Discussion / 530 Predictions Is there bleach next week even though there's no naruto?
  10. Chapter Naruto 623 Discussion / 624 Predictions

    Did the chapter say no release next week?
  11. Chapter Claymore 136 Discussions /137 Predictions

    The spoiler tag was removed so is the chapter out?
  12. Bleach 527 The TW Review

    My theory: The only reason Ichigo has a zanpakuto in the first place was because of rukia. Without a zanpakuto he would've been a quincy elite. His zanpakutos final form is a black cero because of his hollow side. Ichigos final form will be a mix of everything, Quininihollowgamibringer
  13. Chapter Bleach 526 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 526 Spoiler Discussion Kenpachi will penetrate Captain HIS Yachiru for the last time.
  14. Chapter Bleach 525 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 525 Discussion / 526 Predictions *NO CHAPTER THIS WEEK* Is there no bleach this week? Or is that notice for last week?