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    Claymore fanart

    nicely done
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    Seinen Jackals by Murata Shinya & Kim Byung Jin

    Re: Jackals well I've never read chunchu so it doesn't bother me at all :p
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    Question The “Looking For” Manga Thread

    Re: Manga or Anime similiar to Basilisk? wow thanks, hopefully next time I'll check this manga it will be more popular :)
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    Shounen The Fist of the Northstar (Hokuto no Ken) by Buronson & Hara Tetsuo (v27)

    Re: The Fist of the Northstar Discussion Thread wow thanks, always wanted to check this out
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    Question What is your Avatar?

    Re: Why did you choose your avatar? cuz bubble bobble rules :)
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    Info How to say "Thank You", "You're Welcome" and "I Love You" in your language

    Re: How to say "Thank You" and "You're Welcome" in your language welll "dank u" is only used often in belgium (seeing as belgians are more influenced by the french, where formal greetings are more important, like using s'il vous plait instead of s'il te plat). The dutch use dankje more often.
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    Ichigo's Development

    Re: Why hasn't Ichigo learned Kidou or shinigami hand to hand or Hollow kidou ichigo is a battle renji. He's quick in learning to use his sword and body, however he's also too much of a retard in memorising spells and concentrating his spirit energy to perform kidou spells...
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    Seinen Jackals by Murata Shinya & Kim Byung Jin

    Re: [Strays]Jackals Releases Thread - Latest chapter 002 great :D
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    Seinen Until Death Do Us Part by Takashige Hiroshi & DOUBLE-S

    Re: Until Death Do Us Part Edited Mangas & Discussion (Chapter 003 out!) nice manga, I'll be waiting for new releases....
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    Jutsu Discussion Mega Convo Thread

    Re: what is this so important thing that differ chidori from rasengan? the faster the ninja moves, the more deadly (powerful) the chidori attack becomes... it's like a knife coming at you at high speed. The problem is that due to this speed the young kakashi only could attack forward with no...
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    Country France

    Re: French : a hard langage [ Part 1, and more i hope :) ] yeah, what a coincidence....
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    Archived Introduction Thread - Part 1

    Re: Introduction Thread pfeh intro threads... I always suck at writing a resume of my life :P anyway, I'm Kepa...soon to be 20 (this christmass) naruto, bleach and one piece are what fill my thurst for funny shonen action.... and I'm here checking out this new forum back from my home in...
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    Country France

    Re: French : a hard langage [ Part 1, and more i hope :) ] grammar? french grammar isn't's the exceptions on the rule that make it so bludy annoying :P hell, if you count all the years I was forced to learn french you could say I spend 2 years on learning the rules and 5 on the...