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  1. Year Round Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Thread

    Nice thread. Looking forward to Rua vs St. Preux. Just checked out Rockhold vs Bisping on Fight Pass. Sweet event. I highly recommend UFC Fight Pass btw. Couple it with Chromecast and its totally worth the $8-$10 a month. They put on like two extra shows a month. :super
  2. TV Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire - TV Adaption)

    The whores were a bit much....and I like whores :nerd Gratuitous sex/nudity takes away from a show like this. Rome (HBO) suffered from that too :no
  3. Seinen The Arm of Kannon by Yamaguchi Masakazu

    Sorry to resurrect this thread but does any one know where I can dl/torrent this series? I joined this great forum just for that. I also have a couple of volumes I am interested in sharing. Any links to tips on scanning/uploading books? ---------- Post added at 03:53 AM ---------- Previous...