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  1. Discussion The Official Haruno Sakura thread

    Re: [FEATURED] The Official Haruno Sakura thread I know there is a rule against discussing the current chapter but this week gives some answers and I like them XD
  2. some good animes with strong female protagonists

    michiko to hatchin sounds quite interesting.
  3. Society Religious Discussion and Q&A Thread

    I have been raised a christian since my father is a pastor, and i have grown up "indoctrinated" with the christian faith and After much consideration, Including but not limited to the possibility that it all might not be true and that there might never come a time when science and logical...
  4. Discussion Kubo's Engrish and Españor

    Re: The Bleach Humor thread hey guys, sorry for being that guy, and I will admit it is a rather interesting discussion, but isn't it starting to go a little off topic? I mean, I'm not feeling the lulz.
  5. Society Religious Discussion and Q&A Thread

    Re: Is it true Are you asking if it is true that both the Quaran and the Bible speak of a day in the future when the earth is no more or are you asking if both of them explicitly mention that the earth will be destroyed on one single day? Because as far as my understanding of the Bible...

    Re: THE HEROES THREAD: Beware of SPOILERS!!! no I did not see the preview. I make sure to avoid looking at those, because thez tend to give too much away, I much rather enjoy speculating.

    Re: THE HEROES THREAD: Beware of SPOILERS!!! so, I wonder how many actually beleive that I don't!
  8. CVB3's Chapter 470 Analysis

    as to my opinion of the sai spy sai panels; First of all I did not even realize what was going on until I read your review, it just seemed like sai turned back and left the group and I did not think it was that important in this chapter so I just let it slide. But now that you have pointed it...
  9. Shounen Gunslinger Girl by Aida Yu

    since i have you here let me take this chance to say thank you to you and your group from the bottom of my heart for Editing this manga! I become very attached to it and you cannot even imagine my excitement every time a new scan gets posted. Thank you very much.
  10. Discussion The Official Hinata Thread

    Now there is a possibility I did not consider. I would be infinitely curious as to how a conversation like that would sound, though I personally cannot imagine why, naruto and sakura would want to discuss hinata. The thought is intriguing none the less. by the way, since this is the hinata...
  11. Discussion The Official Hinata Thread

    as much as i would enjoy reading that I think a convo between hinata and sakura is a much more likely and natural development. both of them confessed to naruto hinata was ignored while sakura was outright rejected and both of them happened quite publicly, I am sure the news will spread quickly...
  12. Chap 469 - only the confession part

    yes, welcome to manga helpers! (for a warm MH welcome post in the new members thread, you will get to know some nice people there) Glad to see you came out of lurking, and what a great way to come out indeed. You make good points about the confession, you might even have a future as a reviewer...
  13. Sugarcakes 469 review

    hi, nice review. just want to add maybe the confession was intended to feel staged. I mean if it felt sincere and natural naruto would be quite the wierdo for reacting the way he did, right?
  14. Gold Knight's Ten Comments (Naruto 439)

    All is right in the world! Epic chapter to end all epicnes, and Gold Knight returns to reviewing. What more can you ask for. For me Gold Knights 10 comments are a central part of MangaHelpers Thank you for bringing it back. I loved reading your thoughts again. Right now I will refrain from...
  15. A Fangirl Play-by-Play of Chapter 439!!

    I am almost literally ROFL! You my dear are awesome and deserving of an award. I have not laughed so long and heartily in a long time. Every thing about this play by play was perfect and as long as you keep writing them I will keep reading them. And don't listen to all the others you do not need...