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  1. Eyeshield 21 (Kongo Twins) by Lastamasta_001

    Eyeshield 21 (Kongo Twins) by Lastamasta_001

    Amateur Manga Colorist Category, Week 11
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    Indonesian Thread

    Re: The Indonesian Thread Wah, ternyata banyak juga manusia Indonesia di forum ini, ya!!!! Boleh gabung dong!!! Nama : Dody Asal : Tanjungpinang skrng di Padang Hobby: Anime and manga Salam kenal buat semua yag di forum ini ya!!!!
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    Manga Coloring of the Week 11: Amateur Category

    Here my first my entry; kongo twins from eyeshiled21 i just coloring the main picture... and I forget from what chapter this picture!! :smile-big
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    Chapter One Piece Volume 46 (ch441-449) Discussion

    Re: One Piece 445 Discussion Oda is great!!!! Times for Chopper adventure !!! Can't wait for next chapter :smile-big