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    Fantasy Ajeel Raml vs Invel Yura

    they were in prison, I just don't see them go kindly in jail, plus as I said Dimaria and Brandish didn't want to fight. They just really lost to Ajeel and Jacob
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    Fantasy Ajeel Raml vs Invel Yura

    In 100YQ it was implied that there was a confrontation between ajeel and jacob vs invel and neinhart, and invel and neinhart ended in prison and ajeel on the throne. Dimaria and Brandish retired so there is nobody else in alvarez that could've stopped invel and neinhart from taking over the...
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    Team CS,Laxus & Natsu VS August

    August Wins this fight. They're all caster type wizards, none of their attacks will touch him. Plus with hearing magic plus meteor he can predict and easily dodge any move they try. August was clearly toying with Gildarts. and even gildarts landing a blow on him was a nonesense. He could've used...
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    Chapter Fairy Tail: 100YQ Chapter 94 Discussion

    Decent chapter since I'm not interested in the plot anymore, I hope we'll get dope fights. Laxus Vs kirin shoud be good as well as Erza/Gray vs Suzaku/skullion. Gajeel vs madmole should be good as well, Madmole being the most impressive of the 3 original diabolos members
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    Fantasy August vs Suzaku

    YES August can't copy Suzaku's magic. But Y'all forgot about all the spell comb inations August can do to compensate that. Sound magic to predict all of suzaku's actions (reading his mind plus hearing his muscles) combined with enhaced meteor to match his speed. Reflector magic will reflect...
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    Edens Zero Chapter 128 Spoilers & Discussion

    Laguna has some DRIPPPP really like him. I hope he'll stay as a permanent crewmate
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    Chapter Fairy Tail: 100YQ Chapter 56 Discussion

    i may be the only one who really enjoyed this chapter. It was super amazing to finally see these side characters show theirs magic and beat someone and have their moment of glory. and really loved the link with max training with ajeel and traveling to arakitacia. that was hella good to see that.
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    Fantasy Wendy vs. Lucy

    all 12 celestial spirit are fodder. plus Clestial king is mard geer lvl. erza would win this. wendy belserion > Erza so yes, she wins
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    Fantasy Wendy vs. Lucy

    Wendy wins all 4 battles
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    Discussion Re-write the Alvarez Arc

    hi guys SO there is my Alvarez rewriting. i know it's long but i hope you'll enjoy it, please give me your thoughts on it First I’d have change neinhart chara design because it’s horrible, I’d give him invel’s chara design and I’d give invel a more Viking design because he’s related to ice and...
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    Hangout Fairy Tail Hangout Thread

    Hi everyone, i wanted to make an "alvarez rewriting thread" because i wanted to do that since a long time ago and share it with you guys and see what ppl would think about it. but i don't know i should create a new thread or is there one already?
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    Fantasy Erza, Wendy, Mirajane vs August

    he doesn't need to cpy any magic. with the ridiculous amount of different magics he has, he can stomp nearly anyone. his imunity to magic makes him above the strongest characters of the verse. plus his "weakness" can be easily be bypassed thanks to his enormous magic power and strengh, plus...
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    Fantasy Erza, Wendy, Mirajane vs August

    Je didn’t use it because lagoons had to make August lose but he made it to op so he didn’t make him use all the magic he had. Reflectors will reflect all of Ezra swords ( August’s reflector is way way stronger than midnights) and Augustwill speed blitz nakagami erza ans got her with any of his...
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    Fantasy Erza, Wendy, Mirajane vs August

    he has too much counters to that. none of her swords will touch him because of reflector magic plus crush magic. they are simply no match for him, he wins with no diff or simply use invel's ice lock, its over
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    Fantasy Erza, Wendy, Mirajane vs August

    he should even have serena's magics. when brandish asked him where was serena, he replied showing his hand's mark and saying "he is here with me" that is explicitely telling that he had his magic. ppl often say that he said that in a dramatical way to say "he's in my heart" but thats bs, his...