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    Chapter One Piece Chapter 903 Discussion / 904 Predictions

    With all these bounties being so high like the one just given to Luffy in the Billion Berry mark, I wonder who would actually risk their lives to collect such a dangerous bounty? Lol! I know the series already address that Blackbeard once was a Bounty hunter as was Zoro at one point. But we...
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    Chapter One Piece Chapter 903 Discussion / 904 Predictions

    The one thing I find a little odd is why the Marines raised Luffy's bounty for trying to assassinate Big Mom, who is a Yonko and not a Shichibukai? Shouldn't they be glad that Luffy is trying to get rid of her for them? Lol!
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    Chapter One Piece Chapter 903 Discussion / 904 Predictions

    This chapter was hilarious. I wasn't expecting Luffy to become the 5th Emperor and that ridiculous bounty. When I read the title I actually thought there was another Emperor we didn't know about but this makes it that much better. Lol! I guess making Luffy an Emperor is Oda's way of saying the...
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    Chapter One Piece Chapter 883 Discussion / 884 Predicitions

    This chapter got rolling fast! It's turning into a big fight that I was waiting for. It's funny that Dogtooth said "Sugar is the well spring of strength". Not true. Remember kids too much sugar is bad for you in real life so don't eat too much. Dogtooth can eat it because he's not human. You...
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    Chapter One Piece Chapter 867 Discussion / 868 Predictions

    This is hilarious! She ate her own friends including Mother Caramel. :facepalm
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    Chapter One Piece Chapter 863 Discussion/864 Predictions NO CHAPTER NEXT WEEK

    The mirror in the cake was a brilliant idea. I'm surprise Luffy thought it up. All those clones. Oda is a genius. Now that's how you do a shout out to other Manga. Unlike that other series that rip off a lot of stuff. I'm talking to you Mashima.
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    Chapter One Piece Chapter 842 Discussion / 843 Predictions

    Leave to Oda to surprise us once again. Looks like 4th gear has many forms and this fight was hilarious! It's pretty well done. It's short and comical, that is if Cracker is confirm defeated next chapter. Probably the best fight so far bc it's short. Lol!
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    Chapter One Piece Chapter 839 Discussion / 840 Predictions

    So Sanji's family are like the Nazi and they are creating superhumans? At first I thought that picture at the end was a giant soda factory Lol! This whole time I've been pronouncing Germa 66 as sixty-six but what if it actually was supposed to be Germa six-six? As in SS. Germa kinda...
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    Chapter One Piece Chapter 838 Discussion / 839 Predictions

    One-shot? Lol! Agreed I guess we've all gotten used to One-Punch Man that we expect Luffy to do the same. But seriously, the people standing in Luffy's way are just henchmen no need for them to be stronger than the main character. The Doflamingo arc was already long enough. I just want them to...
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    Chapter One Piece Chapter 838 Discussion / 839 Predictions

    Luffy having trouble with Cracker? How will Luffy defeat Big Mom if he can't even defeat one of her subordinate? Not to mention Kaidou. So Cracker is just an armor and the real guy is inside that armor? Plus he's stronger without his armor and Luffy's struggling. This is so frustrating and the...
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    Chapter One Piece Chapter 826 Discussion / 827 Predictions

    Luffy eating poison and then being saved by Sanji's pretty hot sister. That was random. I remember when he was poisoned by Megallen, many people thought it would be too convenient if Ivan turn out to be a DF user who can cure poison. It was a good thing that didn't happen but I'll forgive this...
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    One Piece Chapter 825 Discussion / 826 Predictions

    Lol at that drawing. Remind me of that Sanji wanted poster that looked like Duvall. :p Don't get me wrong it was a good drawing but c'mon man we want the real picture.
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    Hangout One Piece Mega Convo Thread

    Just saw the break this week. Wondering why that is? There was nothing in last chapter.
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    Chapter One Piece Chapter 822 Discussion / 823 Predictions

    Vivi!!! :super Is she going to Reverie? I don't remember where exactly the location of the World's meeting? Didn't they say it's on top of Mariejois? If that's true then how will our favorite pirate crew ever get to meet Vivi again? They can't turn back to the Red line?
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    Chapter One Piece Chapter 813 Discussion/ 814 Predictions

    Wow, just when we thought we knew where this arc was heading, Oda surprises us with new twist. What's a Vinsmoke and why are people afraid of them? Also I notice something from last chapter that I brush off as I misread it. Capone Bege is "3 Billion" beri? Not 300 mil? I wonder if that is a mis...